Feeling Supported

Feeling Supported

There is a great curiousness to the human condition. We’re bathed in a sea of love and yet many experience being alone and unsupported. Our body itself is a community on multiple levels and yet we experience being a separate individual. There is profound work in creating and sustaining our life. Yet we’re often unaware of this.

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Historically, we lost our connection to the Divine in the descending cycle of time. This caused us to grasp at what we still knew of, our sense of personal identity. But disconnection from the whole caused us to fall out of sync with the flow of life, react fearfully to unexpected events, and experience a lack of support. We feel alone and unappreciated.

It’s like we have a bag over our head. This is the very curious nature of suffering.

How can we feel safe and secure when the world around us seems to be going mad? The answer depends on our reality.

If we’re grounded in pure, unchanging Being (Self Realized), we know that which is stable and secure. When we disentangle from life events, we’re not tossed around by them anymore. We just observe them. Soon we learn to find happiness within. Then we’re no longer dependent on others or events to bring us joy and satisfaction.

We come to enjoy life as it is. The drama settles and life itself is found to be bliss.

When we drop expectations for results to show up a certain way, we’re easier with what does arise. When we’re in a good place, we feed our support team. They live on energy so the quality of our energy determines their ability. As our goodness climbs, our quality of life follows and we feel supported. What we need just shows up, often with little effort.

As perception refines, we become more directly aware of those who work to support us. And then the Divine itself becomes conscious again.

At first the Divine may feel like inner support, the sense that “mother is at home.” We may have experiences of God in some form.

As development unfolds, we unite with all experiences. We become (recognize ourselves as) our support team, then the forms of the Divine itself.

With the transition to Brahman, we may leave our relationship with the Divine behind. But in time, the deeper reality of ParaBrahman unfolds and pure Divinity comes to be lived by directly embodying it.

Then we are a flavour of Mother. We are support itself.

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  1. David

    Hi Davidya. I understand what is to be done for future events…but what about past events, i.e., something that we might have done while in ignorance and we’re not that same person but the memory is still there…haunting us, perhaps? I realize that there is nothing to be done here but are we forgiven for that “sin” if we realize our wrong and never make that mistake again and if so, will there be a time when we can feel that we are forgiven or will it be a blemish on our soul forever?

    1. Hi David
      The memory itself is neutral but anything unresolved about it, usually emotional, can give it an energetic charge. Resolving that is resolving the burden of one’s past.

      This is done through practices that bring us the deep rest of samadhi and through supplemental energy healing. i talk about both in various ways on a number of articles. See under Key Posts, for example.

      This also relates to karma as karma is action or energy.

      Forgiveness is an internal thing – for you and for those that may hold something against you. I also write about that here and there, such as

      The soul itself is never blemished. It is in the layers between that we carry the burdens of our unresolved past. Eckhart Tolle called it the “pain body”. All of that can be healed. It takes time but if we’re making progress, the burdens do lift in time. As we stop creating new issues, we can move past it all and just be with what is here, now.

  2. Jim

    Yes, a very beautiful description of our progression!

    “Then we are a flavour of Mother. We are support itself.”

    …except that Mother has shown me the spelling to be “flavor”, within and without “u”. 😉

    Thank you, Davidya! 🙂

  3. Aaron

    The further I travel along this path, the more I realize the support I receive at each step. Since developing a deeper practice recently, I’ve included a conscience sincere gratitude for all experiences — not just the positive, but also the neutral as well as the negative. I have noticed that this gratitude really increases the heart space, and a feeling for the Divine seems to grow.

    Thanks for your words David!

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