Life is Bliss

Life is Bliss – that may sound like a new age mantra of illusion. And in some ways it is, if it is founded in making a mood. But if you can make a deep connection to source, to silence, it becomes a statement of fact.

Each time you cross into and out of silence, you cross the ‘boundary’, the surface of becoming. You touch life itself.  We experience that as a wave of happiness, or a movement of love within. As our connection to silence deepens, that inner sense of happiness may become ongoing, a background tone to our lives.

After awakening, when we clear enough of the past, that inner sense of happiness becomes permanent, unphased by anything life may throw at us, dominant even in illness or pain. We come to experience life as the movement of happiness and love through us. Life is bliss – both in experience and its nature.

They call this Sat Chit Ananda, absolute bliss consciousness.

But that’s not the end of it. With the opening of the heart, we become life itself. We become bliss. We no longer experience it, we are it. We dissolve into Unity and become that from which life and bliss arise.

As that moves forward into our surroundings, everything is dissolved into the flow, into the movement of love. Every expression of that is a burst of happiness. Life becomes a rapture.

This is not just an end to suffering. It is not just an unending happiness. It is being bathed in inconceivable joy. And it soon becomes normal. (laughs)

Of course, one has to function in life. The attention is not forever absorbed on joy. Indeed, that is a trap in itself. There is always more and deeper, so we have to continue to move forward and let go of whatever heights we may have touched.

If this is not your experience, be patient. It’s coming. The veil between this and suffering is thin and getting thinner. Continue on your path and one day, happiness will jump out and surprise you.

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