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In the past, I’ve written about the crud we store in the mind, emotions, and physical body. I’ve spoken about the deeper bliss and intellect bodies as essentially clear. When we release the junk in the coarser bodies that reveals the more subtle ones.

This is true but there are dynamics in these deeper bodies that can sustain issues that express in the coarser bodies.

The bliss or causal “body” is about space and vibration. It is universal, shared by all. The intellect and fine feelings body is about structure and relationship. This is the field of sacred geometry. The causal body holds spaces whose shape and dynamics give rise to structure.

The local emphasis of laws of nature that we experience as our life and form begin in our structured space.

Structured spaces are formed by the devata in the space of self-aware consciousness. They “speak” the vibration and interact to form structure.

The space and structure layers don’t have crud per se, but if there is an imbalance it distorts the space leading to imbalanced structures. This creates discordant experiences. No matter how much we clear, if the underlying pattern is not re-harmonized, the imbalance will continue and the consequences will return.

These are not massive distortions, just small glitches where the devata have come out of balance and are in some friction rather than flow.

Dorothy Rowe speaks of causal programs that lead to patterns and structures that sustain imbalances.

Our more prominent areas of resistance are often multi-layered. We resist experiencing and completing a strong experience. Then we create work-arounds to avoid that unresolved experience, adding another layer of resistance. And so forth. This is the bulk of our baggage.

The deeper patterns are not simple unresolved experiences. They’re powerful impressions that program our structured space. We adopt them by how we’re adapting to our circumstances. This is a fundamental mechanism so we’re well-adapted to our environment. The important patterns are reinforced and sink deeper into our nature as a program or vibrational pattern. They can get passed down to our children and we can receive them from our parents and prior generations.

The issue is when they include less healthy ways we respond to experiences. There can be the useful adaptation to challenges along with some bad attitude, for example. The devata then have to work through this distortion, causing imbalance.

Also related, sustained resistance can be written into the program, creating areas that are held more rigidly. This creates “walls” that block flow through our “personal” space. These walls cast a shadow and can be called our “karmic debt”. I’ll write a further article on this topic vs Dharma.

What’s notable is that these defined spaces are nested in the space of the collective. They are a shared reality, a part of the whole that’s a step outside our usual space-time. Their primary influence is on us but their presence influences the whole. We’re in this together and share aspects of our world-view.

The flow of universal consciousness, driven by the Divine, moves through our spaces to express as us. The flow is influenced by these adaptations and walls. Rigidity causes turbulence and redirection of smooth flow, reducing the balanced expression of Divinity and causing dissonance and suffering.

As may be clear, it takes greater skill to heal such deep patterns. Partly because of their depth but also because the issues are mixed in. With unresolved experiences we just allow them to complete and they’re done. But here we have useful adaptations with resistance mixed in. We want to resolve the imbalance but not take the house down in the process.

As Einstein aptly said, you can’t solve a problem on the level of the problem. Go beyond it and you gain perspective and resources. You can’t see a whole house from inside it. It’s much easier to resolve issues from a deeper level than they’re functioning on.

By developing the skills to go beyond these fields of life and to work from source, you can learn to restore balance and harmony in the space of your expression.

When we resolve on that level, we’re working outside normal time and space. We heal ourselves but also are resolving it in the whole. This influences our future, our children, our ancestors, and all those who have been affected by this program. We also create a living example of that program in balance. This makes it available for others to adopt it.

We bring balance and peace to your own body and life and contribute to healing the whole. We also open inhibited potential* to express more richly in the world.

* DNA gene expression is an effect of subtle structure. If there is imbalance, it can lock covers on parts of our DNA, blocking those proteins from being created. Restoring balance can lead to unlocking DNA potential.

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7 Responses to Deep Patterns

  1. Michael says:

    That is a great and important Article David!

    I have been touching on this parts thanks to yours and Dorothys work, but at this moment it is at the outer edge of what i am capable of perceiving.

    Something beautiful and partly related: A few weeks ago a i have entered a new “sphere” or maybe a new law was getting more online as i got the deep realization that everything i clear from now will also clear the issue completely for all involveld. (where as before that activation that was not fully the case). So with that others are more supported and “in return” i am more supported. Beautiful!!

    much love

    • Davidya says:

      Thanks. Yes, it ties together a bunch of things that have been arising in recent months. Dorothy’s perspective lead to filling in some gaps.

      Beautiful. However, I’d caution you not to be too black & white about that. This can be true if you clear the actual core. And there will be other things that arise that are more local and so forth. Such things are not very tidy. 🙂

      But yes, when you get deep enough, you’re mostly healing the collective rather than a person. When core nodes are released, it releases it for everyone, past and present.

  2. Dorothy Rowe says:

    I love the way you summarized my perspective then applied it to so many other areas: space/time, ancestors, karma/dharma, DNA, and more. I especially love that you brought forward the dynamics of the collective reality of the causal field. This description is spot on with my experience, but I couldn’t have said it more eloquently. Thank you for sharing these points through your broad perspective. Delightful!

    I was a music teacher at one time, and sometimes see it like an ensemble. The instruments are different shapes and sizes, therefore creating differing types of sounds or vibrations. Many factors must align to create a great symphony. When any one of these factors is not just right, the overall effect of the presentation suffers.

    In the causal realm, sometimes we inherit or simply self create spaces which, due to their nature block the free flow of consciousness. This results in a causal space with a dissonant relationship to the rest of the causal realm. The result are relationships which form the foundation for problems at the surface of life.

    I loved your point that healing all of this is a matter of diving below the surface to the field of Being (Source). From that unbounded perspective, the precise problem can be clearly identified, and amended to re-establish harmony. 🙂


    • Davidya says:

      Sweet, Dorothy. Your work has brought together a lot of pieces here. I’m sharing the many discoveries in different articles. Happy that you’re enjoying them also.

      Tomorrows article Offer it Back is something you exemplify. It amplifies a recent instruction and a key aspect of spiritual progress. I often speak of letting go and surrender. But this takes that into an art form.

  3. Dorothy Rowe says:

    Thank you, so much, David. You are a gem!

  4. Guru says:

    Dear Davidya,you are a are radiating pure are already blessed .The readers are getting blessed through these articles .your wisdom is speaking and expressed as love .Thanks

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