The Balance Point

The Balance Point

I recently wrote on Balance. Various other points have come up to expand on the topic.

In spiritual circles, there can be the tendency to emphasize transcendence and demonize the world. There is an overemphasize on being perfect and pure. But living in the world is not about perfection, it’s about living fullness within and taking that into the fullness of the world.

The two come together through balance.

On the one polarity we have dissolution. This includes all the processes of purification, normalization, and letting go.

On the other, we have growth. This includes openings, insights, and realizations.

We’ve all had experiences of the 2 together, a release and an opening. This is a balanced process. The next step is integration.

This is the cycle of life:
balance, disintegration, growth, integration, and balance. Repeat.

Wonder is the Beginning of Wisdom
Wonder is the Beginning of Wisdom
Photo by Onilad

This is a process happening in all areas of life at different rates and in different ways. We can’t embody the new until we let go of the old.

This means we’ll experience order in areas of life at a balance point. And we’ll see a little chaos in areas that are disintegrating and changing. This may bring uncertainty, stress, fear, and resistance to an apparent loss. We may feel life has a sting to it. But if we understand these are the natural steps of life, we’ll fight less and enjoy more.

Just watch any child as they grow. Little balls of chaos that surprise you with their insights and learning.

I’ve found that if you engage in a productive life with decent spiritual practice, the falling away will be beneficial. What comes out the other side will be a step up even if we don’t recognize that as it arrives. A lot of our development is behind the scenes, out of our conscious awareness. It is often only later, in retrospect, when we see how far we’ve come. Experiences come and go. They don’t tell us how things are going.

I’ve said before that we’re here to have unique experiences of life to make all the details conscious in the whole. Our presence here shows our purpose. As Dorothy Rowe said in a recent session, it’s enough the soul occupies the body to satisfy the needs of the divine. That we eat and sustain this body is enough (a message to my ancestors). Our greatest critic is usually ourselves. (The Divine is not an egomaniac or grumpy old man. Rather She is profoundly compassionate.)

The law of entropy tells us that left to itself, things fall apart and turn to dust. It takes a constant input of order to even sustain this world. Growth takes even more intelligence. That we have a planet with a diversity of life in a universe precisely set to support it shows us a constant and massive input of intelligence.

Life is constantly changing and growing so the balance point is not a fixed thing. The ebb and flow of life is in constant flux so there is a constant re-balancing. Nature is always moving towards balance. We experience this in many ways in day-to-day life. Stay up too late and we need more sleep. Don’t eat enough and we get ravenous.

Because of this constant adjustment, the balance point is not something we’ll find with the mind. The mind may contemplate and come to understand this process but it’s by stepping into the flow of life that we touch the edges and find the center. We get there by feel, with the heart. If we grasp at and resist events, we impede balance and experience more roughness. If we get out of the way, we reach the point of balance more quickly and automatically.

We can then step from balance to balance. Growth requires dissolution. Trying to hold to a fixed balance point is a folly. Static balance (staying the same) becomes inertia which leads to entropy and dissolution of a less satisfying kind. We don’t grow through inertia.

If we see falling away as a step of evolution and purification, it becomes something to be allowed. Deconstruction becomes a part of evolutionary transformation. Life becomes a remarkable adventure of unfolding experience. The cycles of growth spiral up to greater and greater expressions of our potential. Like a carousel, we rotate around the balance point, around the cosmic center. Life unfolds her glory.

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