Healing Outside Time

Healing Outside Time

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When you join a webinar with Dorothy Rowe, you work as a collective, structured by the group consciousness of the participants.

Your role is to witness the process as best you can. The actual doing is in being, in the process of experience or devata value.

Our attention activates dormant or asleep laws in consciousness itself. They’re called forth by attention and intention. They act directly to heal with the skills and intelligence needed. Resources are essentially unlimited if awareness is clear.

Putting this another way, the healing capacity is always present but requires our attention and clarity to call it into action. Clarity of awareness is key.

Dorothy described it as an aspect of our own Self that is hummed into being, waking up an angelic form.

She also suggested you-now are the angel of you-in-the-past and you-in-the-future are the angel of you-now. This reminds me of Harry Potter and the patronus he used to save his past self. His past self thought it was his father.

Dorothy then uses a key technique to amplify the effect, offering it back in gratitude. I’ll explore this more in a future article but succinctly, our offering back in gratitude creates a feedback loop that amplifies the effect. Our healing support experiences value and we sustain these laws in the collective. When the celestial hums with gratitude, the effect can soothe far and wide and that healing becomes available for all.

While it’s most potent live, these processes are taking place outside our usual space-time. The causal is where space itself is being structured. As a result, when you watch recordings of the process later, you can activate the same process now and gain benefit. Past webinars on YouTube.

This also means the healings become more powerful over time as more people engage the collective and help sustain the awakened laws of nature. We can also benefit by coming back to a healing and taking it deeper.

It’s a profound process that is helping far more than the group.

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  1. Michelle Ramauro

    Thank you David,
    For bringing Dorothy, her work, her Being to our attention. I look forward to her webinars, so far have watched a youtube piece linked from your blog and started batgap interview with her. All so vast, much to open to and sit with.
    In interview she discusses light and darkness as the perpetual dynamic play of the unmanifest (darkness) becoming manifest (light) and all that goes on in the gap as far as realms of finite and infinite expressions/experiences….surely this has been taught before yet a deeper realization as a result for me as the play of Shiva/Shakti (as all the teachings refer to) and our finite experience of light/dark individually and collectively. No wonder the myths are full of this! Would you comment on this.

    Also brought me back to your book, which I’m about to read again, in your chapter Refined Brahman, you wrote “Brahman alone knows what is non-Self, the dark side that is silence alone, unlit by self-knowing, the light of awareness. In the process of Brahman knowing itself it is said to devour non-Self. When this happens in a person, they know it as awakening.”
    Is the dark silent stillness that is present in deep meditation a taste of this? I’m writing from the state of ignorance yet these insights are deeply stirring. Appreciate your comments. Thank you again for the gifts you share with us, Dorothy and what she offers to all is precious.
    Blessings, Michelle

    1. You’re welcome Michelle. The webinars can be quite remarkable. This morning certainly was. She’s grown quite a bit since the batgap interview.

      Yes, this is the perspective from Self Realization with a duality of unmanifest and manifest with a gap. They merge later, becoming 2 sides of one coin.

      And yes, the full range has been taught historically but has been much more rare for a long time until very recently. The understanding of the old descriptions has been lost, like it’s still common to confuse Self Realization with Nonduality. I spoke at SAND last year on that topic. (See the Media tab if that interests)

      On the quote, this is the perspective from Refined Brahman. The person waking up doesn’t know Brahman yet. But from Brahmans perspective, thats the mechanics. And actually, from the perspective of ParaBrahman, there is no dark side.

      Just remember to keep the ideas loosely. The mind can’t truly understand what it hasn’t experienced yet. Even high descriptions of Self Realization will not be understood properly until we’re in it. The book is to give a vision of the potential and support people where these things are unfolding.

      The way I use the word Brahman, no. The dark stillness in deep meditation is silent being or consciousness. I talk about this in the Approach section. We’re touching into source.

      Brahman is beyond this and is not usually recognized until consciousness knows itself fully. Until then, consciousness has always been looking in on itself.

      On Dorothy, I agree

  2. Jim

    Thank you, David.

    Some interesting points here. When we are living Parabrahman or Celestial life, there is a point where the angels in their endless multitudes surrender their allegiance to us. While the identity is still “just me”, the angelic energy is limited to the singular identity.

    However, when we are truly cosmic in stature, love, and discrimination, then we gain the responsibility and freedom to align the entire celestial sea of angels with our global desires. Innocently, clearly, quickly, and powerfully.

    What Dorothy Rowe is bringing out appears to be a very exciting bridge to all of this.

    Jai Guru Dev

    1. Hi Jim
      Always enjoy your perspective. Not sure I’d call Parabrahman Celestial but it’s certainly inclusive of that.

      Is it that their allegiance changes or that we become that which their allegiance is to? Two perspectives of the same thing.

      And yes, she’s really helping to wake this up in the collective.

      1. Jim

        Hi David

        Thank you, I certainly enjoy yours – very well substantiated. 😉

        Yeah, I am not sure I would call Parabrahman ‘Celestial’ life either, though it is the closest practical, day to day description I can give it. Tough to describe this stuff, and give it more sharable dimensions, when we are already talking in terms of nested totalities; geometries both within and beyond consciousness. 🙂 In other words, I agree. (laughs)

        Yes, we become that which their allegiance is to. I first observed it as something shown to me, this expression of angels, that I then began to interact with, and my ‘comfort zone’ of interaction continued to expand over the course of a year and some. Personal, then familial then communal, regional, national and intercontinental.

        A strange thing to say perhaps, though life feels so much more *human* these days, being able to express this latent potential we all possess.

        Thank you for these precious dialogues!

        1. Hi Jim
          Yes, I know what you mean. There are no words to describe Brahman let along ParaBrahman.

          And yes – there is that process – progressive opening, getting to know, and integrating. The shifts in consciousness are instant but it takes longer for the more manifest layers to catch up. And there is that revealing also, in a timed kind of way, so we can keep up and not get sidetracked. Wash away resistance and preconceptions so it comes in cleanly…

  3. Phil

    Hi David,

    Your blogging output is impressive of late – creative fires and ideas must be ablaze! I find them hopeful, while sometimes daunting – I suspect many posts must be aimed at those in Self Realisation+, with some refined perception to boot, but still fascinating for those facets of consciousness with a fair bit of avidya still veiling away nethertheless.

    I concur with Michelle, thank you for introducing your readers to Dorothy Rowe. While watching her videos and applying innocent attention to my body’s energies and knots, I have experienced some relief in my neuromuscular condition in recent days.

    However, as Dorothy clearly has very refined perception and can access causal realms in order to place attention there, for somebody such as myself, and most I guess, I can only place attention on the gross and subtle(i.e emotions and their energetic constituents). So attention can only ever be placed on the effects, rather than any causal root. Perhaps this is good enough, for now at least – it’ll have to be (laughs).

    While I have much to clear and heal, a fear keeps arising around your warning about dulling the mind by placing attention in the bodily space too much. Perhaps such an egoic fear needs to be healed itself, but ironically it would require further sustained attention in that hara area, where the energies of fear usually announce themselves.

    I know this dulling issue is only a warning for those who use bodily awareness as a sustained, meditation object in daily practice, rather than just for healing. It is just that currently my gross and subtle bodies demand a lot of attention, with some very stubborn blocks arising, and inevitably I do find myself giving attention to those areas for long periods (hours at a time – things don’t resolve in a hurry. And any frustration and impatience is just my pesky ego wanting things to be different and thus compounding the blocks, so I have to accept what is arising and for how ever long).

    When attempting effortless meditation, I find the attention drifting to these demanding blocks and energies. They are more pronounced than a chosen meditation object of mantra or breath. So an attempted healing then often ensues, rather than the intended meditation.

    Perhaps the issue is attention itself, and perhaps it would be better to let attention rest in its source al la https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A3AF9-fAfk

    All the same, I find the Lucille/Spira/Dzogchen wide-open/no attention difficult to sustain, with the attention collapsing frequently to a thought stream or said energy flow or block.

    The good thing anyway, is healing while listening to Dorothy’s videos seems to help things move better, but as per Dorothy’s instructions it all requires giving attention to those problematic body-space areas. I guess it’s a balance, but I feel at the mercy of these energetic demands. I’m happy to honour and listen to them when needed, just don’t want to over do it and dull my poor mind (laughs).

    1. Hi Phil
      Tomorrows will be the last for a few days. Several more articles in the pipe but they’re taking more research.

      Yes, some articles are for those awake or even in Brahman or ParaBrahman. And yes, isn’t Dorothy a treasure.

      OK – yes, most of what you’ll be conscious of may be in the physical, emotional, energy and mental arenas. But this is the arena of most of our baggage. So we can make lots of progress by learning how to release and complete. As those layers gradually clear, the finer perception will develop and then you can clear our the deeper levels too.

      Meantime, Dorothy has a ton of videos and articles with healing routines you can receive just by listening to them. A lot of that is on the causal and outside local time. On the webinars and group Distance work, she works on the collective of everyone present but her goal is teaching you how to do it yourself.

      Just as there are many kinds of meditation with different kinds of results, there are many kinds of body awareness techniques. For example, Benson’s Relaxation Response does bring relaxation but practiced over time will lead to dullness.

      Similarly, allowing the attention to go to where there is a sensation can help facilitate the release of a contraction and enable smooth purification. But if there is nothing calling the attention, then its not a useful practice at that time. It’s like a Phillips screwdriver is useless when the job is to hammer a nail. So yes, its just a warning around seeing a purification technique as a sustained spiritual practice rather than a specialized tool.

      We can indeed have periods where purification is prominent but remember, after dissolution is growth, then integration. If you’re spending too much time on purification and the changes are not being integrated,
      it’s like knocking everything down without rebuilding.
      Be sure your practice is balanced. If a lot of purification is going on, non-straining yoga asanas are good and light exercise like walking.

      To be clear, you don’t “attempt” effortless. Attempt means theres some doing going on, some effort to control the process. This isn’t effortless. And yes, that’s the point of an effortless practice, resting in source.

      The problem is, you have to develop presence/ source so its not just mind ruminating on itself. Until you’re clearly awake, you can’t sustain source. And then source sustains itself. The effort to try to sustain it is again mind manipulating its experiences which does not lead to awakening.

      These are not suggestions that something is wrong, Just ways to tune the practice.

      1. Phil

        Good suggestions and tune ups, thanks David.

        Now you point it out, one sees the oxymoron of “attempting” effortless meditation – cue Homer Simpson facepalm ‘doh’!

        For the clearly awake who know their identity to be presence/source/knowing, rather than the usual mistaking of yourself to be the body-mind – and then resting in some ‘other than you’-presence; meditation rather must just be hanging out, being yourself, taking time for the body-mind/jiva-conglomerate, which is an experience to the knowing that is you, to settle.

        That must be why you mentioned at some point in your SAND17 Panel Discussion that Michael was meditating 24/7.

        As you point out, it’s the all important effortlessly allowing the settling, without the subtlest of effort to control the process, which is the trip up. It’s certainly mine.

        How do you practically integrate healthily after purification periods? Is it simply engaging a balanced life as positively as you can?

        I am currently exercising and start attending a new Dru yoga class week after next. When not having prominent purification, this jiva-conglomerate is much lighter, interested and less inhibited lately. Others have noticed the change in a new found expressiveness.

        Anyhow, got it – I’m gonna make big efforts to not effort…doh! 🙂

        1. Hi Phil
          Integration is basically doing, living life as it shows up. We want to lean towards a balanced life and follow sensible guidelines for living. But again, this isn’t about following strict rules and controlling the process but allowing life to unfold.

          As long as the mind is in charge, there will be effort and control creeping into life. That is it’s nature. Don’t stress over it as thats mind too. 🙂

          Great. If life is growing, you’re on the right track. Just take the middle road.

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