Karma Time

Karma Time

Recent events with getting the book out have brought some very old resistance to the fore. I recognized the old lifetime in play. And that lead to a useful insight about karmic stores. I’m a little surprised I didn’t clue into this sooner.

Back on the past (10 years ago!), I wrote about the mesh. How we have karmic, energetic nodes of unresolved experiences. We can experience them in the present or in the past, along a timeline or all in the present. We can experience the lines (threads) that connect nodes of the past with the present, giving the appearance of a mesh. We can also experience this various other ways.

Aside from their energetic qualities, the nodes or stresses also have meta information about space and time – where and when they were created.

What this means is we can become quite conscious of our energy dynamics and clear an area of our physiology, only to find more there later. This happens when current events activate an old node, bringing it into the present experience. Suddenly, what was “clear” contains old energetic debris again.

We can see this as our history gradually becoming more conscious, more clear, and more present.

This is also why karma can have a “shadow.” The shadow or concealing doesn’t actually exist. It is, as they say, ignorance; what is not known. The node or seed is time-shifted so not apparent to us. It is as if invisible. Because consciousness is lit, what is unconscious is dark or shadowed.

Note that this is all relative to who is experiencing. We can have old resistance that is very active and apparent to others yet completely hidden to ourselves. Others are conscious of it when we’re not. This can be why a good energy healer is valuable.

Making it conscious is picking up the thread and recognizing the resistance. This process works for us by whatever means we may have to bring light to it. We may see the energy, feel the resistance, notice sensations, notice where it’s not flowing, and so forth. Any such process makes it conscious which helps facilitate its release – if we’re not resisting it.

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    1. Hi Celeste

      Interesting. Yes, thats possible but you probably don’t know the consequences of doing that. Better to resolve the nodes which then causes the related threads to fall away.

      Notable about this is resolving the node has the potential to change the past as it removes the node from the timeline. The past isn’t really separate from the present, so if it’s resolved thoroughly, it can resolve it in all time. Changing the past changes how other events unfold from there.

      Of course, thats just perspective. In another view, there is no past. 🙂

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