Balance of the World

Balance of the World

As I have written about prior on Dharma, the world needs a balance of forces so it continues as a stable platform for learning and experience. We might call the world a forum for experiences. Even science has discussed ideas like the “Fine-tuned Universe“, suggesting that the dimensionless constants have very specific values that support the emergence of intelligent life.

If we have acted against what is arising in the past, we may find that area of life blocked or sluggish. This is to prevent us from moving further toward imbalance. For example, if we have abused power, we may find ourselves powerless now.

Or inversely, we may find experiences are arising to help resolve it, perhaps to confront our resistance. This means that as the world moves back toward balance, things may get more eventful. The current time would be a good example.

This process is not personal. It is just the mechanics of action and energy, working to restore balance and sustain the world.

If we can work with that, we’ll find experiences arise to help us become more conscious and to resolve where we’re resisting or grasping. More balance then opens the door to further progress and greater light. While not always easy, this is a much smoother path than trying to fight the force of evolution.

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  1. Michael

    Hi David!

    Nicely put!
    I also have found that consciously working with the universe (by accepting everything that comes into my life as a gift or as required, even if it is heavy stuff) makes the universe go “softer and smoother” because it does not has to get my attention……i work consciously with it to the best of my abilities.
    With “softer and smoother” i mean that it will send me very small triggers for something to release, integrate etc. It does not have to bring big turmoil to make me aware that there is something blocked within. One comes in a friendly relationship with the divine workings of this universe. 🙂

    1. Hi Michael

      Yes, you could say the universe has an agenda or schedule. If we cooperate with it, things go smoother.

      Right – I talk about pain in a similar way. Pain is a way for the body to let us know somethings wrong. If we acknowledge it, it eases way off. If we don’t, the volume turns up until we do.

      The universe works in a similar way. Things don’t go well if you stop your car on the freeway (autoban). 🙂

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