Book Update

Book Update

Just a short update on the book on higher stages project. The project itself has been going on for several years and is a subsection of a larger work written 10 years ago. It’s been cooking a long time. This has been a slow process as it’s partly been driven by what is unfolding here and in those I know. It’s driven by the lived experience rather than just concepts.

The book has completed the main editing stage and has now moved into formatting. For me, that means tackling InDesign, something I’ve not used since PageMaker days. But the learning process will be worth it for production quality.

Once the formatting is complete, there will be a final check, then publishing prep. I plan to release both a print and ebook version.

Thank you for your patience. I think you’ll find it worth it.

UPDATE: As not everyone is familiar with this project, I’ll add a couple of references.
The topic is the stages of development in consciousness, with a lot more detail. It explores the underlying process and the common variations in how it shows up.

I gave a talk on the subject at SAND15.

The book is now laid out in InDesign. Looks great. Now there are a zillion details to attend to…

Last Updated on April 23, 2017 by Davidya

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    1. Thanks. (laughs) Well – I hoped to complete it prior to the BATGAP interview in 2015.

      At this point, I’ve not set a specific date – I’m just working through the process. There’s a lot of detail, especially for a first book. For example, yesterday I applied for an ISBN account with the government. Each edition of the book requires it’s own #….

  1. Lindsey

    So happy to hear the great news! I continue to await patiently. ..thanks David! All the best with the “higher stage” (heehee) of book design and publishing. 😀 I am sure it will be awesome!

  2. Sandesh Sheth

    How about an Audio book? I use your interview with Rick when I meditate and it works. I dont need a mantra. An audio book would do wonders – only if it is being ready by you.

    1. Hi Sandesh
      Who knew the interview could become a technique. 🙂
      Rick has been asking me to do podcast versions of posts he can listen to while biking. So far there’s just the old one on Forgiveness. But like the images I used to place on most posts, it’s all about time.

      We’ll see what arises.

  3. Amit

    Hi Davidya,

    I was wondering if you’ve read Jed McKenna’s books. Here’s a sample of what he has to say about enlightenment:

    “Here’s a simple test. If it’s soothing or comforting, if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy; if it’s about getting into pleasant emotional or mental states; if it’s about peace, love, tranquility, silence or bliss; if it’s about a brighter future or a better tomorrow; if it makes you feel good about yourself or boosts your self-esteem, tells you you’re okay, tells you everything’s just fine the way it is; if it offers to improve, benefit or elevate you, or if it suggests that someone else is better or above you; if it’s about belief or faith or worship; if it raises or alters consciousness; if it combats stress or deepens relaxation, or if it’s therapeutic or healing, or if it promises happiness or relief from unhappiness, if it’s about any of these or similar things, then it’s not about waking up. Then it’s about living in the dreamstate, not smashing out of it.

    On the other hand, if it feels like you’re being skinned alive, if it feels like a prolonged evisceration, if you feel your identity unraveling, if it twists you up physically and drains your health and derails your life, if you feel love dying inside you, if it seems like death would be better, then it’s probably the process of awakening. That, or a helluva case of gas.”

    Your thoughts.



    1. Hi Amit
      No, but I’ve skimmed them. I think being real about the process is good, but he goes a little too far. I’ve never experienced the process as he describes.

      I agree that there are lots of complacent seekers. And people certainly do get attached to pleasure, nice experiences, and so forth.

      I’d also agree people can have rough periods or even an occasional “dark night.” But that’s true on or off the path.

      It’s not necessary to go through hell to get to heaven.

      This is not to say it’s easy. We do have to be willing to let life take us – not always in comfortable ways. But nothing real is ever lost.

  4. Rooting for you every screen of the way, Davidya. PageMaker I liked. InDesign, not so much.

    Why do the folks at Adobe think it’s so necessary to make just one software for publishing projects, not just one simple one? And then — if they must — a vomitociously complicated one like InDesign CS6 for professional graphic designers.

    Of course, you may find it a snap, Mr. Technology. I hope you do! Sending best wishes about every phase of publishing this important new book.

    1. Thanks Rose.
      Yeah – they have PhotoShop Elements, for example.

      I’ve gotten into the swing of using InDesign now though still get caught on goofy things. It is much easier than the old standard – Quark. But yeah, not light software.

      Have begun on the cover design now…

  5. The final edit is taking a bit longer than I thought. Partly because the book is now in InDesign, not a word processing tool where edit tracking is easy.

    And partly because there is still lots of tiny goofs. I’m sure you’ve run into a few of those on this blog. English rules are not a strong point. (writing is not a form of expression I expected to take 🙂 )

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