Another little milestone. I’m now officially a Canadian publisher under the imprint Davidya Publishing. The point of this is to manage the titles in the international database of published works, get into libraries, get distributed, and so forth.

I’ll be updating bits and pieces on the web site.

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    1. Thanks, Jim. The first part is expected, the second we’ll see. I was surprised though as one of my typo readers was someone with 0 background in this. Aside from a few typos, they found only one unclear sentence and really enjoyed the book…

      Not just for consciousness geeks?? 🙂

      1. Jim

        Glad to hear it! You are a very clear and systematic writer, without using a lot of jargon.

        I would love to see yours be *the breakout book*, explaining spirituality as yet another side of life to consider, and its inherent benefits. Much as a dieting book or one on the benefits of exercise. Spirituality accepted as inherently human; built in, not added on. 🙂

        Thanks for bringing the book into being!

          1. Jim


            Yep, that is a weird one, though I can’t knock it too hard as I went through that phase too. It wasn’t that I thought growth was done, but it was such a mind blowing relief to taste Reality, that I didn’t think it would continue to evolve and refine so much. Glad it does! 🙂

          2. Yes, and there can be a strong sense of being “done.” or complete. And in a sense, the one aspect is. But I knew there was more so didn’t get caught by it.

            Agreed. This has gone far beyond anything I’d conceived of from the talks and stories I’d heard.

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