The Seeker

The Seeker

The Seeker can be described as a stage of development in a spiritual process. It arises when we shift from being focused on our personal life to a focus on development beyond ourselves, to our higher nature.

This can develop gradually, such as goals shifting to a spiritual orientation or inner development. Or it may come on suddenly, with the impact of a profound experience. The profound may arise through an unexpected opening or out of trauma.

The Seekers dominance can vary over time. Some people grow weary of seeking but not finding or of ever looking, for example. Or the demands of a young family or work may overshadow it.

But there is also another type of Seeker. This is an innate type, what can be called a Jungian Archetype. Such a person is born with it and doesn’t outgrow it, even when the spiritual seeker dies with awakening.

They remain seekers of deeper knowledge or greater skill and perfection throughout life.

We can see this as one reason some people settle comfortably into awakening and just live what is unfolding and others continue to explore the horizons, pushing the boundaries.

The second is not because the spiritual seeker hasn’t died but because their laws of nature continue to express, now through this new means of knowing.

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  1. michael

    Very interesting!!

    Thanks! Seem to be the archetype….began very early (around age 15) and not matter what is realized or what old patterns fall away, a deep interest in continuing evolution allways comes back even if it was gone for a time a after certain shifts.

    Thanks for writing about it!!…..there is some deeper recognition happening while i write this.

    1. Hi Michael
      I saw a talk last night by the person speaking in the linked video. He went into the details more in person but gives a multi-part online course exploring it more thoroughly.

      The other polarity is the Warrior/Sage one – the first a doer working towards perfection, the second the focus on knowing and being.

      The above insight came afterward, realizing this distinction.

      1. Amaryllis

        Yes, thanks! Your articulation about this has hit the spot.

        BTW, are you aware that the ‘notify me of followup comments…” button/clickything is no longer visible?

        Best to you David 🙂

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