Energetic Embodiment

Energetic Embodiment

In some teachings, the kundalini or energy process dominates. It is seen that awakening kundalini  opens and rises, leading to awakening. They may prescribe techniques to encourage or even push the energy along. This can be quite hazardous and can make the process much rougher.

However, the deeper problem with a kundalini emphasis is that kundalini is not causal. It is the energetic process that results from the process in consciousness and will unfold in the body naturally when it is ready.

I explored some of the variations in the energy process here.

In a similar way, some teachings align the post-awakening descent with the stages of development. I’ve done this myself. Adyashanti has described the stages as “head, heart, gut”, for example. That well aligned to the experience and stages here.

However, it has gradually become clear that there are lots of exceptions. For example, in the recent Falling Away of the Self interview, Susanne describes the “gut” release of the “existential identity” (what I’ve called ‘core identity’ here) at the end of Unity rather than at the beginning.

I’ve also seen examples of the heart awakening taking place post-Brahman, meaning that gut is yet to come. And that means the person still has a self-protective core identity that can still cause taking things personally and some ego drama even when they experience themselves as post-ego.

This is because the core identity is rarely conscious until the descent reaches the gut. So we can have the ironic experience of being unidentified with the ego, but still have alive roots of it.

It becomes clear that the energetic descent is really a process of energetic embodiment rather than a map of the stages themselves. It is common for “head, heart, gut” to happen with awakening, GC, and Unity but that’s certainly not mandatory.

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