Some SAND Stories

Some SAND Stories

Rick Archer is quite the networker. He was connecting people throughout the conference. It started long before the conference but began in person in the San Francisco airport where a group of us gathered and carpooled to San Jose. We came from the Canadian west coast, Amsterdam, the US midwest, the east coast, and the south. The next day was dominated by the panel discussion, shot in 2 parts of about 5 hours total. (that will be on-line when it’s ready) We were there about 9 hours plus some of us for setup the day before. I also got to see California parking lots er… highways.

Sophia PanelThe panel @ Sofia University in Palo Alto, less Canela Michelle Meyers* who arrived later. This is a composite picture.
From the left:
Laurie Moore*, Susanne Marie*, Mariana Caplan*, Dana Sawyer*, Francis Bennett*, Craig Holliday (speaking)*, Kristin Kirk*, Rick Archer (moderator), Clare Blanchflower*, myself*, Chuck Hillig*, David Ellzey, Kiran*, Jeffery Martin (host).
*prior BATGAP interviewee

group SophiaA small group of us after the panel, including speakers and audience. This picture includes all 4 of the BATGAP interviewees from Rick’s trip to the Vancouver area in September: Kiran, Canela (lower center), myself and Clare.

Meeting other panel members set the stage for the rest of the conference, with many of us going to each others talks and enjoying meals and extended discussions together.

Dolce HayesThe Dolce Hayes mansion in San Jose, the setting for the conference. It was typically in the 80’sF there, cooling in the evening. There was about 800 attendees, over 100 speakers, and a host of volunteers and staff. They sold out 2 hotels and more. I spent a lot of time in discussions on the patio to the left.

The following morning was Rick Archer’s talk. He was introduced by Deepak Chopra, then basically read his talk, motoring quickly though a large number of slides. As agreed, he talked into the changeover time but still had to cut some material out.

The room was still transitioning when my talk began. Rick Archer introduced me. While I also had to keep up a good pace to cover the material, I spoke unrehearsed and allowed it to arise as it did. After my talk, I allowed 5 minutes for questions. But as my talk ended at the lunch break, we could go a bit longer. Rick had asked people to stay after my talk for his questions, so he joined me up front.

When lunchtime rolled around, we got a 5 minute warning on the mics. I was surprised to discover when I looked at the recording afterwards that I’d answered questions for about 25 minutes.

David at SANDI’ll be posting the video of the talk after it’s readied.

As my main obligations were done, I could now enjoy the rest of the conference. It was a diverse bunch of people and speakers with up to 8 concurrent tracks going on much of the time.

That afternoon I went to Kristin Kirk’s, Canela’s, and Susanne Marie’s talks. For dinner, an on-line friend picked me up and we went to a brew pub in Sunnyvale. In the later evening, I went to the poster session and met Sam Geppi, the jyotishi.

Saturday included talks by Francis Bennett, Aisha Salem, and Bernardo Kastrup. Bernardo was then joined by Rick in a panel with Chris Fields.

After lunch, I went to a small group healing with Kristin Kirk. She had had a new opening she was still processing but yowser – She was indeed working on all levels at once. I’m used to working on this or that level so having all the lights come on at once was remarkable. I took a little time out after for quiet discussion.

That night, there was a live outdoor gypsy-rock band and fire dancers. That (literally) lead into a big dance in the main hall until the bewitching hour.

Sunday included Pamela Wilson, a hilarious but pointed interview with Robert Thurman (will be on BAT), and an extended group discussion and story telling. It was quite the adventure.

While I don’t normally post news like this, it has been an eventful time and there have been a lot of requests. A video of the talk and the panel will follow over time.

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  1. Michael

    Hi David!

    Great post ……very awakening 😉
    Good to hear an oversight what you have experienced there.
    How was the energy while being with so many awakend beings in on place?
    Have you found time to talk a little with Scott Kiloby?

    with love

  2. Hi Michael
    Thanks. The dominant energy there was actually buzzed, a seeking intensity. While there was a number of the awake there, that didn’t dominate. But some people have reported things shifting during/since the conference.

    I saw Scott there but we didn’t meet and I wasn’t able to make his talk. My list above was just some of the talks – there was commonly 8 different options at any given time.

  3. Yep. There was 4 different versions of the program, including a book, to make it easier to plan a “route”. What I actually did there though was different than the plan as I got to know other speakers, events unfolded, and so forth.

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  6. Cynthia Perez

    Hi David,
    At some point would you be willing to expand on your experience with Kristin K.?
    You said she was working on all levels at once and I’d like to hear more about that.
    Btw ~ I love your site !!

  7. Hi Cynthia
    Kristin works with a team of subtle beings that support her on each of the levels. Unlike most healers, she works on many levels at once as a result. On that day, she began working on the cosmic as well. Something I’d not seen before.

    I’m aware of the levels but am used to working wherever the attention is, one place at a time. So it was rather a surprise to have all the lights come on at once.

    The reason I knew her new thing was cosmic was because the cosmic functionality I described elsewhere on this blog paused automatically to allow her process. It also means she’s supported by very high beings.

  8. celeste

    Hi David,

    I have been listening to your interview on Batgap. You mention the word purification several times. I naturally think of purification by diet. Can you discuss what you mean by purification and what can be done to facilitate the purification process.


  9. Hi Celeste
    People use various words for purification like healing, release, etc. Basically, we’re composed of a series of layers. Unresolved experiences get stored in various ways in those layers and end up creating a fog or veil in our experience, blocking self-awareness.

    Awakening requires 2 things. The taste of our true nature and the clearing of some of that veil, ie: purification.

    There is certainly physical purification but much of the veil is energetic – mental and emotional resistance in various forms.

    For myself, the most effective thing was an effortless meditation. This brought both – the transcendence of the mind and the deep rest that facilitated the natural release of old baggage.

    Many people also find some supplemental energy healing to target harder spots useful. This helps make things clearer and smoother, improving quality of life in the process.

    The SAND talk speaks more to some of this, partly in the talk and partly in questions.

    The Key Posts tab has a whole section on Healing with links to articles approaching this subject in a variety of ways.

    1. Hi N
      A friend of mine really likes his approach and sends me some of his better videos. I prefer a couple of other Jyotishis, but thats just taste. He teaches the stuff which requires a lot of depth.

      That was his first SAND event and I got the impression he was saturated and not real happy with the scenario.

      The poster session is a hall, jammed with double-sided bulletin boards, where you step into aisles to see poster presentations and can ask questions.

      Some of them are speakers who didn’t get a speaking spot and some are people with grand ideas who are more comfortable with one on one discussions.

      The noise level is high, both in terms of concepts and sound.

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