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Over on Lori Ann Lothian’s blog Awakened Dreamer, she posted an article on Purpose, Discover the Thing You Were Born For in 5 Easy Steps. I enjoyed the article and ended up writing a long comment I decided to share here. I’ve added some links to articles I’ve written on the subject, with more at the bottom.

It is a fascinating explore… I’ve found that we are never not living to purpose. It’s actually not possible to be otherwise. It’s built in to our existence. However, if we’re not conscious of it, we can tend to resist and thrash and try to control making it all so much more difficult. Do we flow down the road of life, travel in the gravel on the shoulder or swerve in and out of the ditch?

A lot of it is about just paying attention. Not just what do I want but what is being supported here? The key is – purpose is not about me and what I like. It’s about the role you have in the whole, what you have to contribute. Living to that will inherently bring happiness. Trying to get what I want will bring fleeting satisfaction at best.

R. Buckminster Fuller observed that nature uses precession to get the desired effects. It’s not our actions themselves, it’s the right angled side effects that support the whole. The unintended consequences. He uses the example of a bee, seeking nectar and unintentionally pollinating plants.

I’ve also noted that life evolves and thus the form our purpose has can change. “Finding purpose” isn’t a one-shot thing but rather an ongoing process of tuning to what is unfolding. We all have gifts but they may or may not be called on at a given time. Depends on the needs of the time. While our being has a purpose, this is not defined by a job or role. That is simply the current expression of it. Monique MacDonald describes living life On Purpose instead.

Another useful point is that our gifts are often invisible to us. We’ve had them since birth and take them as obvious. The key is recognizing they’re there, making them conscious. As children, we tend to assume others are the same and thus ignore them. Or we may get negative feedback about being “different” and suppress our gifts. Writing was like that for me, so Not obvious. Looking back as adults, we can miss such things.

Finally, it was pointed out to me that our greatest pain often becomes our greatest driver. What we didn’t get we want to ensure others do. Our purpose becomes an I Am statement. Our driver an I Will statement. Together, they steer the gifts into expression.

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9 Responses to Getting to Purpose

  1. Michael says:


    Commented on Loris site. Actually you wrote most of what i wanted to say…….but i guess with “slightly” better english 😉

  2. Emine says:

    Brilliant! Thank you for sharing this.

  3. Davidya says:

    Hi Michael
    You also raised a good point and I’ve seen some of what you describe. The awake acting out unconsciously. However, I’ve also seen that, if the process is being supported, refinement will make this stuff more conscious over time. Thus, the ability to process it and resolve and integrate it can happen.

    It’s a useful point to recognize that while the shift itself takes only a moment, it can take some time to fully integrate it. Tolle famously spent 2 years on a park bench, though he had no context or support.

  4. Davidya says:

    Hi Ermine
    You’re welcome. Thanks for commenting.

  5. Lori Ann Lothian says:

    I love Monique MacDonald’s work — she teaches about our Sacred Gifts with a questionnaire format. When I took that test two years ago or so, the results pointed to gifts like writing, teaching and cheerleading or coaching

    The thing is, the gifts are in service to purpose — rather than being purpose. I have a gift (and skill) as a writer. Writing is the gift. But my purpose (right now, because is some ways it changes) is to be a MESSENGER about reality.

    Thanks for sharing my post over here. Yes, your comment on my site was an article! LOL

  6. Davidya says:

    Hi Lori
    Right – I took her course 3 years ago myself. It was pretty interesting for me. For example, both my parents were teachers so I always assumed I would be too. But teaching was never supported and it turned out not to be one of the gifts. As regular readers of this blog know, I don’t tend to speak to students on their level.

    However, I have all 4 knowledge gifts. And writing. It clarified a signal I’d gotten before – the primary for me is messenger. But yes, the form that takes has varied widely over the years.

    It’s a fascinating discovery to unfold both what we have in our toolkit and how that’s called on to be used.

    Thanks for drawing out the points. 😉

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  8. Clarice says:

    Hi David,
    I’m interested to know what the four knowledge gifts that you were given late are ? What form did this knowledge come in ? Was it similar to a download ? I’m thinking this has nothing to do with book knowledge but I could be wrong. Thanks

    • Davidya says:

      Hi Clarice
      That relates to the content of the Sacred Gifts course. They test for, among a number of things, 4 knowledge gifts. Each is a different style of knowing – one being getting downloads. More:
      It wasn’t that I was given them late it was that I was late to recognize them. Lots of karmic play meantime.
      The gifts vary in style. For example, they test if you are designed to challenge the status quo. Another is Hospitality. Another Administration. Remember these are gifts so people with them will have remarkable ability in that arena, if they’re open to it.
      I had learned through school that i couldn’t write well and yet I found myself writing. It was clarifying to see it as a gift but not a skill. (laughs) It also brought clarity to why teaching wasn’t the role even though knowledge was so prominent. And so on.
      Listing the 4 knowledge gifts wouldn’t be meaningful without a bunch of explanation but yes, not book knowledge.

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