A True Householder

A True Householder

While I have been a home-owner in the past, during the last decade and the more distinct unfolding of consciousness I have rented. It has been a transitional time for obvious reasons, but also in things like changing careers and going to grad school.

This year has brought a more outward stroke with new work, an upcoming interview and the conference talk.

The latest is a new shift into home ownership. It’s a move out of the city of my birth to a smaller centre in the same region. It’s a move to greater physical and financial well-being and a stronger spiritual community. And it’s a move away from transitional solutions.

A “householder” in the spiritual sense is a path living in the world rather than withdrawing from it. It is growing through experience rather than abstinence. Using monks practices while living in the world puts you in conflict with dharma.

It’s not necessary to own a home to be a “householder” although they are synonymous in certain ways.

What has surprised me though is the degree of shift in the feel of life. A new solidity of place is very grounding.

The actual move begins tomorrow so I’ll be off-line for a couple of days – how long depending on the “last mile” provider. They’re being obnoxious about processing the requested change date. And they wonder why I’m not using them as my Internet provider?

The local tourism site doesn’t mention the number of the awake in my new community. It is a warm, friendly place in any case.  😉

It will be very interesting to see how this matures as I settle in to the new space. One of the things that helped make the choice for this move was the strong feeling of being Home in the new community. Always very curious where life leads you.

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  1. Michael

    Hi David!

    They do not mention how many People are awake in that Region??!!! …….that is deeply discriminating of awake People 😉

    …..Looks like a beautiful place!

    I found moving to another place always energy draining, but when it settles it was worth it.

    all the best

  2. Thanks, Michael.
    I find a new place enlivening. But at the moment I’m in the middle of the actual move, so that itself is a lot of work. 95% is moved over there now. Just have to clean the old place, then I can move myself there.

    I also enjoy organizing stuff. But now am more inclined to let it unfold as it does rather than control it. Looking forward to seeing how the new space unfolds.

  3. Yes, such a treat.

    My stuff is moved, the old place is cleaned, and now I’m on the ferry – the last trip to my new home. It was interesting feeling like a visitor today where I once lived.

    Life is such an adventure!

  4. Jim Flanegin

    Congratulations! I did the same thing nearly a year ago, and big coincidence, it took me *nine months* to feel fully moved in. It is glorious being in a place where nature is in charge, though I was reminded of homeowner responsibilities early this morning, when a hose connection broke in the yard, and was gushing water. Luckily it was an easy fix. Enjoy your new place!

  5. Hi Jim!
    Thanks. Yes, there are a zillion little things to be done. Random unpacking day today. Spaces gradually taking shape. Currently in an internet cafe as the scheduled net connection didn’t happen. Last mile provider being a dweeb.

    The space is larger so theres a fair rejig of placement. But none of the back acres to clear you’ve been talking about. More small town urban. 😉

    And I’ll have space for all the musical instruments now…

  6. Am now unpacked. Got Internet Monday finally, which brought with it a backlog of work, catching up and research. But thats caught up now. And the connection is testing at 50% faster than the rated speed. 😉

    Will be getting some more furniture over time. Then I can hang pictures and art. Lots of bits to do but I’m very much present in the new space now.

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