The SAND Conference

The SAND Conference

Once a year in the US, the Science and Nonduality conference (SAND) is held in the fall in California.

I’ve been invited to speak there on my Stages model this October. It will be an interesting dynamic. For one, there will be researchers who will be very interested in a robust model of the post-personal stages, brought out of ancient texts and framed in modern terms. For example, Sofia University, where they teach Transpersonal Psychology, tends to be influenced more by current Buddhist thought than Vedic. The neo-advaitists will also be well represented. That group tends to either not believe in stages (a single shift) or discourages stages as a conceptual barrier to Being. What that misses of course is that a concept of no stages is a barrier just like a concept of stages.

For the new spirituality to go mainstream, this meeting with science, the language of the west, is a key stepping stone. And the two are not foreign. While science divided from religion to find it’s own path, earlier advanced spiritual approaches have taken a systematic way of studying and developing the inner side of life. For example, one of the 6 systems of Indian philosophy (also known as the Upangas or Darshanas) is Nyaya, a form of logic more advanced than western science. It is the framework from which Yoga, Vedanta and other such schools arose.

This is a conference with a number of famous scientists and spiritual teachers, typically very polished. In this crowd, I’m the unknown so will have just a small part to play. But it’s a great opportunity to get the message out in some small way.

Rick Archer of Buddha at the Gas Pump fame has offered to introduce me. He’s well known at SAND, so that’s a big plus.

It will also be a lot of fun. Spending time exploring perspectives, meeting colleagues, and seeing a few friends I know there. We’ll see how it unfolds.

PS – and yes, it will encourage me to finish that first short book I’ve been working on for so long. You’ll see it here first.

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  1. John

    Great minds as there are, I sometimes wonder how much ego exists in the ‘famous scientists and spiritual teachers’ camp.

    Really looking forward to that book of yours. Will it physical or virtual?


  2. Hi John
    Yes, many are still in the ego. And some who are not are are invested in a model they were taught or they developed based on their own experience.

    None of that negates what they have to offer. But it can create a field of competing theories that serve the mind rather than pointers that go beyond it. Its a tricky balance, furthering understanding without becoming invested in that.

    I plan to publish the initial works digitally. It’s simpler and cheaper. If demand is sufficient, I’ll look at print.

  3. David, underestimate yourself not: “In this crowd, I’m the unknown so will have just a small part to play”. Being there may be far grander than the mind can conceive.

    We, back home, will cheer you on! 🙂

  4. Thanks, Eddie. At this point, the details are yet to play out. How the scenario will unfold is anyone’s guess. Will my talk be recorded? Will that be promoted? And so forth.

    But I do have a placement online that not everyone gets. Speakers there are a teaser to attract participants. And they’re each being advertized on Google. Not something I’ve ever done. This and the mention of the upcoming BAT interview – both months away – is already attracting new traffic, subscribers, and correspondence.

  5. Well – today I booked the flights and registered my topic at the conference. Another step closer.

    Plus had an interesting insight that may help take the topic up another level. Will share that on the blog when it’s digested. 😉

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