Here’s a banner from the upcoming SAND conference where I’ll be speaking in October. I also got one with pictures of some of the speakers, including myself. However, it had a big typo. I’ll post that when it’s fixed…


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  1. Hi Michael

    I’ll be giving my talk on transpersonal stages of development, similar to a talk I gave last fall. We’ll see what kind of time slot I get as to how much I can unfold.

    Basically, the content in this link but introduced with the Alexander model of normal stages of development from birth. (body, emotions, mind, etc)

    The book I’m working on will have much more detail.

  2. (laughs) I’ve been working on a book since 2007, through various forms. The background story of the period.

    I’ve finally just bitten off one piece that I can finish with what I already have. I hope to have an ebook version at least by the fall, for the above and BAT interview.

    Just coming back to the project after a lag through the move.

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