Resolving Problems

Resolving Problems

I’ve written before on very practical ways of solving problems. I’d like to take a more energetic look at the subject because sometimes the problems are showing up due to how we’re being internally.

For many of us, we deal with some kinds of problems in one of a few ways.
– we attack it
– we withdraw or leave
– we ignore it and hope it goes away

This is built right into our physiology’s adaptive mechanics – fight, flight or freeze. But does a stress response ever resolve anything? And what is the toll on our quality of life when we’re constantly in adaptation to others and the world?

Another approach is to allow the problem to be there but to use feelings to explore it. What does it feel like for me? Where do I feel it? While this sounds a little woo-woo perhaps, it’s actually very simple and obvious once we become familiar with how we actually feel.

If we’re open to the feel of it we can feel the energy (karma) of the circumstance and find it’s source. The cause and thus the solution of a problem then comes up, although sometimes we may need to let it sit and “digest” for a bit.

Also, sometimes there is a circumstance and a charge we have associated with it. The charge obscures the solution. If we resolve our emotional charge about it, the solution becomes clear.

Then we can either act to what is needed or resolve it energetically. Often, we’re a part of the problem which is why it’s showing up to us in the first place. And why we’re seeing it as a problem. We’re being brought illustrations (reflections) of what is unresolved in ourselves in the form of circumstances or relationships. If we blame them, we fail to get the purpose of the problem and we perpetuate it. What we resist persists. Even if we leave the problem, the energy is not resolved so it will show up in our lives again in another form. The same money or job or relationship challenges. Not to hound us but to offer an opportunity for resolution.

Thus, the solution is in resolving the energy internally. This will be behind or under the problem. We won’t see it in the problem. The problem does not hold the solution but is rather an effect. This is why we have to use feelings.

We may notice that some parts of our lives are relatively uncluttered and challenges that come up are typically solved pretty easily. What we’re talking about above is those parts of our life that are not working as well, where our needs are not being met smoothly. Is it really about someone else?

Part of the trick though is the mind doesn’t feel. It can’t know how to do this. If the mind is trying to control things, it will get in the way of this process, unwilling to approve anything it doesn’t know. But it’s not a mental one, its energetic. If we’re used to always using the mind, this may be confusing.

Because the mind doesn’t do it, it doesn’t believe it. But if we do the process, we’ll have the experience. Then the mind can name the feelings and response and will trust it better. It will know what it is. But it has to let go a little to allow us to feel. Energy is a feeling process. Mind gets it afterwards.

It can thus take experimentation and a bunch of experiences of this. Doing it with a friend or in a group or workshop can help make it more concrete. Once we see how problems do end when we change ourselves, we learn to go with it.

Then it becomes no more woo-woo than any other physical law. It becomes obvious. And gradually, our life gets simpler and the drama goes away.

However, we do live in a mind-dominated culture so that energy surrounds us. It’s easy to forget. In a recent Nancy Shipley-Rubin workshop, she reminds us of the very simple principles. What am I feeling? What do I need to meet that feeling? Ask for it (from the higher chakras). That last one is key – we have our own higher resources that can address any energy (feeling) need. We don’t need to be chasing for it out there where everyone else is chasing their needs too. We have it within. It’s remarkable to see. A person will ask and the change is instant energetically. But the mind has trouble accepting it’s that simple. It’s doesn’t know where it came from. Only consciousness can recognize that.

This is a message I’ve spoken of here before. Where is the love? We are immersed in it. Where is the happiness? Ditto. We have “energy bodies” that are made of the stuff. We’re made of everything we need. How hard is it then to access? Easy peasy. We have only forgotten how. And we have a few poor habits to change.

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