Correction vs Evolution

Correction vs Evolution

The experience of living life after a well-established awakening is quite distinct. Not everyone speaks of this or even notices the change if it came gradually. Only in retrospect or in seeing someone else struggle is the distinction more obvious.

One key is in our relationship with nature. We are all supported by nature no matter how roughly we may feel treated or how much we feel unsupported. What changes is the way nature is supporting us.

When we’re ego-identified, our life revolves around the fulfillment of wants. We spend our life chasing things – love, money, better job, possessions, security, even enlightenment. You might notice some of this list is not really “things”. But because we’re object-oriented, we treat them as such. That makes them difficult to gain. You can’t grasp love nor can you gain it from another. It’s something you open to and allow. It comes through you not from some thing/ one.

When we struggle with life and the world and put our me and personal wants first, we fall out of sync with nature, with life around us. This causes us to make unseen mistakes and to break subtle laws. Thus the laws that become dominant around us are corrective laws. What some might call the laws of consequence.

It’s like we’re zigzagging down the road of life constantly being pushed to correct our direction. But because we’re blind to the road itself, the jags continue. We’re still supported by nature but we experience this in a much rougher way – perhaps even as loss and lack. Another analogy we might use is we’re like a child running about, and then we feel the corrective efforts of our parent so we don’t run into traffic. How often do we appreciate that?

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (Sept ’75) described “If man violates the laws of nature he must become sick, and then some other laws which are there to remedy the sickness, they take over.”

After we wake up to our true nature, the motivation shifts from being object-oriented to being consciousness-oriented. After a time of clearing off some of the past baggage (the load varies widely), the flow (road) becomes more clear and we cease fighting it. We recognize nature and that nature is an expression of who we are. We naturally and spontaneously step into the flow of our own being, of our higher Self. It is in and of us.

Gradually, some of the complexities or drama of life settle out and things become clearer and simpler. While outer appearances may (or may not) stay more or less the same, the experience of life just gets a lot smoother. We move down the paved road in the flow.

Still- it can take time to wind down some of the very old habits that conflict with smooth flow. But life just gets better and easier, naturally and without effort. Our evolution can then dramatically accelerate too.

Because of another magic thing called soma, we also attract more and higher beings to support us. When we produce the “nectar of the gods” within, you can bet we maximize support. In a process Maharishi described as “do less and accomplish more”, it can reach a place where the simple thought of something causes it to show up in our lives. It may even precede our conscious recognition of the desire.

Of course, nature works in time and some things must flower or come when the time is right for all concerned. And we still live in the world and the field of karma. So old things will still arise to be resolved. Conscious enough, we can sometimes resolve what arises on the level of energy so they don’t have to show up in our lives. But the “sprouted seeds” we have for this life will continue to flower. Only now our relationship with it is so much better.

There will always be challenges but it will no longer be personal. It’s just what life brings today. Life becomes an adventure and is no longer reserved to the surface of life.

Life is not meant to be struggle. The struggle so often ends when we let it go. And the way to let it go is to experience who you are within, your cosmic nature which is beyond all this. And then the cosmic is with you and you are That.

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