Oneness Declarations

Oneness Declarations

An interesting trend. Awhile back Neale Donald Walsch, author of the Conversations with God series, established a Oneness Declaration and an organization dedicated to it. Over 94,000 people have signed it now.

But without the direct experience of oneness, it remains a concept or mood. How can you dedicate yourself to something that is not real yet? It may encourage us to favour a more life-supporting approach but until we live it, it won’t be a reality.

Ervin Laszlo wrote another Oneness Declaration, published in a recent Intelligent Optimist mag (the former Ode). In this case it’s framed as “Sixteen hallmarks of the new consciousness“. It even has a concept about concepts of separation.

However, when I look to Laszlo’s own web site, I find the “Ten Point Credo of an Evolved Consciousness“. In other words, rather than concepts or something to be achieved, they are markers of development. While the magazine above apparently didn’t realize it, there’s a really big difference between the two – one born of mind, the other of consciousness itself.

That is the difference between thinking about it and living it. A big difference…

However, you may have noticed the distinction between “Ten Point” and “Sixteen Hallmarks”. The Optimist article is a longer list. Just be sure you put it in the original context.

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