The Forces

The Forces

At it’s most fundamental, the field of action is the interplay of 3 qualities called gunas – sattva or purity, rajas or fire, and tamas or inertia. Sometimes these are called forces but that’s not really accurate.

However, when they interplay in the field, they have a polarity we can describe as forces. Modern physics is working to unite what they see as the 4 forces of nature – electromagnetism, strong and weak atomic forces, and gravity. But as Physicist Nassim Haramein has pointed out and is now proving, there are actually only 2 forces, the dynamics of polarity.

They are electromagnetism and gravity. Expanding or radiative and contracting or attractive. We might also describe them as the explosive and implosive, the outer and the inner. The atomic forces are the same forces, simply at atomic scales.

Our modern culture well understands and works with the explosive, radiative forces. Dynamite, television, rocket ships, X-rays and many other marvels arise from this. But scientists struggle with gravity as we don’t have a handle on it. We don’t understand the laws relating to the gravitational force. Attempts to make it into a particle is just more misleading materialism.

There is some evidence that prior cultures understood gravity better, resulting in very different technologies than we’re familiar with today. The Vimanas or flying craft of ancient India for example extensively documented with schematics. Or the means to construct massive stone structures seen the world over. We still don’t have the ability to do some of that today.

But imagine how much more energy efficient our airplanes or space-bound vehicles would be if they didn’t have to fight gravity. Imagine moving large objects or cargo with gravity’s help rather than hindrance. I suspect one day we’ll see these principles as obvious and wonder how they were missed in the current time.

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