Feedburner Subscribers

Feedburner Subscribers

Just a final note to those few still using Feedburner (part of Google) to receive these posts. I’ll be turning that off shortly. I described the migration of the feed here back in January. If your feed says In2Deep.wordpress.com, you’re getting the old one.  Please delete that feed and add the new Davidya feed here. Or use the orange button on the right under Subscribe.


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  1. Dear Clueless 😉

    Actually, Share, not late night. But the mailing service sends it out in the middle of the night after I post it.

    There are several ways to subscribe to the average blog. One is to get email notices. Another is to use the social media that blog sends to. This one goes to Twitter, for example, so Twitter users can get notice of new articles there.

    The other kind is known as RSS or Real Simple Syndication. It’s an XML snippet of data about the posts that is sent out in a “feed”. It’s actually the feed that supplies the social media above. And in some cases like this, the feed also supplies the email service.

    Feed subscribers though, get the feed directly and view it in a feed reader. A bit like email only it’s one way and almost instant.

    Some people use stand-alone feed readers, some are email app integrated and some browser integrated.

    The reason people choose a feed reader over email is that then they can handle far more sites. They can skim articles without downloading them, then just read the interesting ones. No need to download, review and delete email to do the same thing. It’s especially useful for news sites.

    Myself, I’m a little old school. I use RSS for sites I want to keep track of but email for the stuff I usually want to read. Many email subscribe to very little, especially if they’re heavy smart-phone users. RSS uses much less data.

    Under the email subscribe form on the upper right is the standard orange RSS feed subscription button. If you have a feed reader, when you click on it, it will offer to add that feed to your list.

    And then buttons to link to my social media connections.

    This article is for the few who are still getting their feed from the old service. They need to delete that one and add the one from this site as I’m closing the old service for the old blog. It’s just about where they get the feed from.

  2. Yes, the second C one is the Comments feed. That way you can subscribe to comments as well. Like these.

    Over on my other blog, this is more clear as the 2 have labels. But most RSS users will be very familiar with them. In fact, the buttons are largely redundant as browsers all have feed buttons built in now. Just look for the little “broadcast” icon up there by the address bar. In Firefox, its also on the Bookmarks menu. But some prefer this way.

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