The Hidden Shoulds

The Hidden Shoulds

I’ve written here before about the way the identity creates sub-conscious ‘shoulds’ and ‘needs‘, essentially fear driven resistance to what is. ie: “I should do X or Y might happen.” We end up acting from fear rather than the far more reliable intuition.

I also wrote about what has become the first in a series Tom Stine has written on the “Half Awake Club. Essentially that place after awakening where mind has arisen with its stories of should, must, and need. Stories to be seen through and let go of.

In his latest post – the Half-Awake Dilemma – Tom explores the frequent question that may arise post waking – What do I do now? The rules have changed so what then? Tom explores the hidden “should” that the ego puts in such questions – what it’s really asking is “what SHOULD I do now?”

The answer is of course nothing. And that changes everything.

Tom also touches on the “should” of teaching and the key point of the should sneaking into our intuition. We get a sense of correct next steps, then can start laying the crap on it, thus messing up results.

A very worthy read.

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