Choice or Fate?

Choice or Fate?

I’ve spoken on the old Free Will vs Determinism debate in the past. One of the things about being human is that we’re (generally) conscious enough to see choice. We’re not driven only by “instinct” or “nature”. We certainly may be conscious of being driven by habits and compulsions. But the more conscious we are or rather the more clear our consciousness is, the more we have a sense of choice.

Of course, that sense may vary. Sometimes we may also feel trapped or bound by circumstances or obliged by our roles. But even in that sense, we’re conscious of the dynamic. That’s very different from unconscious instinct.

It has been observed by those wiser than me that our choices of yesterday are the fate or determinism of today. And our choices of today are tomorrows consequences. This is a big reason why we should continue to do what we know to be right. Some lose the connection to consequences and ascribe current circumstances to luck. They feel they can do what they like, perhaps even feel unstoppable. But if they fail to support themselves, their future will be one of loss.

Consequence can also be missed because action (energy) is non-linear. The connection between our actions and the results may not be obvious. Especially if we have a backlog. But it’s a physical law that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. What goes around comes around. All will bear fruit. The question is – what fruit have we planted? Succulent strawberries? Or sour grapes?

We can also observe larger cycles of fate in the community and our life as a whole. How our body matures, for example, is driven by nature, not choice. But even there, how we respond to those experiences and how we interpret them has a big element of choice. And that has consequences.

This points to a key aspect of the dynamic. How we choose is determined by how we perceive the circumstances. And that is determined by the clarity and stage of our development.

As we get into the cosmic level of things with Cosmic Consciousness, we notice that with no me, there is no doer. And yet action continues – apparently from past momentum. As the experience refines, we begin to become aware of the dynamics of action and the laws or devas that play out through our lives. The world becomes seen as a divine play that we’re observing. Determinism may seem to be the rule of the day again.

But as we become all of this through Unity, we again come to a sense of choice. We are that which is creating all of this. But we are also all of the consequences of that creation, the determinism. We are the gardeners and the fruit. There is both absolute free will and absolute determinism together and they are one and the same, 2 sides of the same coin.

That points to one of the fascinating aspects of Unity. Apparently polar opposites are repeatedly brought together in one wholeness.

Choice or fate – your choice.  😉

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