Layers and Gates

Layers and Gates

Our energy system is a complex and many-layered thing. The specific combinations of open, developed, and blocked channels are unique to each person. This also means each of us experience it differently. What we’re willing to experience, how we best experience sensorially, and what is relatively clear all effect our experience.

During Nancy Shipley Rubin’s recent workshop, I was reminded of several points around this. For example, the idea of the 3 Am-egos or 3 layers of ego I’ve talked about prior. This matches Adyashanti’s “head, heart, and gut” model and the corresponding chakras. But in another way, it is the grip of the 3rd chakra, expressing itself and being released in 3 layers of expression. This illustrates how intertwined it all is. When we say this chakra is for this and that for that and the mental body is this and the emotional body that, these are  generalizations. The less physical we go, the less specific and the more intertwined.

Another example is the open or closed status of the 2nd I spoke of on the previous article. Shifting in the 2nd changes the balance of all the chakras, especially those closest. Thus, a simple shift on a deeper level can affect most areas of life.

During the workshop, Nancy talked of the chakras in a fascinating way. She described how the 2nd (Vitality), 4th (heart, Creation), and 6th (forehead, Inspiration) are alternated with 2 permission (allow) gates – the 3rd gate of safety and the 5th gate of truth. If we don’t feel safe or if we don’t feel truth, the energy will not move smoothly between the centres. The gates are also known as the male centres while the first set are the female.

Interestingly, this may suggest partly why some people experience much less of the God consciousness phase in the descent before unity. They feel safe enough to release the grip of the 3rd and unify. But they do not accept the idea of angels or God and thus don’t open the truth gate on the way down.

Similarly, Kundalini Vidya talks of the 3 caps in the root, heart and just above the throat chakras that block the kundalini rising until the aspirant is ready. Further, there is a major energy knot typically found just above the third where the grip mentioned above is typically felt.

There are multiple layers to all this. There is the first rising to awakening that Nancy is describing. Shakti rises to meet Shiva in the crown. Then there is the descent of the divine to the root that matches the stages of enlightenment, as in the am-ego’s mentioned above. This becomes embodied when the descent is complete. Finally, Shakti is said to rise again and settle in a chakra based on the abilities needed by the individual, especially if they have a mission. She may even return to the root to open more abilities. A rare few clear the psyche completely and go to Omega, a final return to the crown. (the descent should not be confused with descending energies being used to clear and open petals and secondary centres. The descent I refer to is primary.)

It’s a rich aspect of ourselves to get to know. Our energy (prana, chi, qi) is that aspect of spirit that moves to create our body, mind, and the world around us. If we want to understand causes, this is where you’ll find answers, just as the quantum physicists explore the way the world works via energy measurement.


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