Food as False Protection

Food as False Protection

There’s an interesting dynamic with food that’s come up several times recently. How people will use excess food as a protection or suppression technique, usually unconsciously.

Some practices explore the beliefs behind what is motivating this. Others promote lifestyle practices like diet. But the more superficial the approach, the less likely lasting change will happen. If we can get right into the energetics of the cause, we may find the core driver behind the behaviour and eliminate it.

In discussing Nancy’s workshop, I mentioned how we try to close ourselves to how we’re feeling. Some people will numb themselves with distractions like TV or work or other entertainment. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break but if we’re using it as pain avoidance, we’ll find ourselves doing what we know is bad for us. Food is another common means.

Food, either heavy or too much overloads the digestion. This pulls our energy away from healing or feeling, dulling our sensing. We tend to put on weight. Over a certain amount and our physiology can become duller on an ongoing basis. Sensitives may also use food to reduce sensitivity. However, the sensitivity they’re reducing is to themselves.

Mediums who speak with people on the “other side” can get away with this. But if you want to go more subtle and speak with higher beings, you’ll need to clear the deck and open more.

Better if we can become more conscious of this process and learn to open and let the energy move past rather than land. Learn how to not just open to spirit but to ground. When we resist feelings, we actually hold on to them rather than resolving or letting them go. If we pay attention, we can feel how a heavy meal reduces sensitivity. It may activate pleasure centres as well, but those are brief. We may also feel better just by avoidance. But we’re not really avoiding anything, just repressing it. Without a resolution, it will tend to show up in other areas of life instead, like in our relationships or in health problems.

It’s surprising that the best protection is openness. The most satisfying life is moderate. The greatest health is through emotional peace. These are the simple secrets of a well-lived and fulfilling life.

Coming to peace

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  1. Davidya

    Hi OregonRain
    yes, we have a culture that encourages us to suppress how we feel and express ourselves through food. (laughs) Thanks for the feedback.

    And we share the rain. I’m based in Vancouver. Near the water but not like you.

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