The Liberation Code

The Liberation Code

Nancy S. Rubin mentioned an interesting idea during her workshop. The idea that each of us has a unique “liberation code,” a feeling, word, or vision that will trigger our awakening. This is how all core intuitive messages come.

That code is available to all of us through intuition. And in fact we may find it related to our life’s purpose or a dominant theme. But we’re unlikely to recognize its role until the time comes. Then, when you’re ripe, it arises and the magic happens. For me, it was a word, heard fresh. That triggered the letting go.

A very similar thing happens with the unity switch and the idea of mahavakyas, the great saying that triggers the realization of unification. Similarly, other key words or impressions can arise at various points to help us notice what we should favour next. A vision of something beyond what we now see as reality. A feeling to take a course or get a book. An idea that really lands for the first time.

It’s a fascinating idea.

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  1. Davidya

    hmm – the idea here is the trigger for awakening, much as the Mahavakya. I’d doubt that would be evident obviously prior.

    But I can see there are certainly phrases or feelings that trigger opening for us. That tune us to source/Self. That provide that orientation to who we are at essence. I have one from Nancy’s workshop and a few things I remind myself of on occasion.

    Thanks for enhancing the idea.

  2. Share L

    I’m guessing it’s because these days, it’s not enough to be enlightened. Universe is calling us to LIVE that enlightenment, to live what we are. And this is where The Liberation Code is an invaluable tool for integration. Maybe should call it The Post Liberation Code (-:

  3. Davidya

    (laughs) Right, to embody the awakening, putting it in other words. That does take time and process. Perhaps such a “code” could play a role in speeding the process. I’ve not explored that.

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