Occasionally, I’ve written about food and diet here. How we sometimes use food as a form of protection, as a response to stress, as an escape, to ground, to support purification, as an avoidance of how we feel…

Often we have some pretty deep childhood programming around food too, like sugar as a reward or that sitting to eat is unpleasant. And some of it can lead to addictive behaviour that is difficult to address.

Most of this is more related to our response to what is happening around and inside us rather than the needs of the body. Much of that will tend to cause us to overeat or eat poorly and thus throw off the bodies natural intelligence and our own clarity.

Some people on a spiritual path are very devoted to their souls journey but treat the body in a more routine or superficial way. If we spend our time in the upper chakras, we can become detached from the physiology. It may take a little practice to be more mindful of what the body needs. Kaushik described an approach to what might be called mindful eating. Simple can be very effective.

We also want to consider why we eat. We get our prana or life energy mostly from our food. If the quality of food is higher, it is rich with prana. If the quality is lower, the prana is much less and thus we have to eat more. More food takes more prana to process, especially the artificial stuff. And lower quality also means more crud build-up.

By Quality here we mean alive, rich with life. Fresh and natural. And that means being a conscious consumer in both buying and eating.

If you’re less than perfect in this regard – don’t guilt about it. That wastes prana too. Be easy and do what you can. Lots of incremental changes are more likely to stick than any extreme diet.

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  1. As a further remark – a few months back I bought some snow peas in the produce section of a local supermarket. When I got them home, I discovered they were from China. Now – some produce can be stored for awhile without loosing much life force. But buying as local as possible can really help with fresh. The snow peas were dry and lifeless.

    Another good reason to buy local is it supports a local food economy. Many regions in N. America can no longer support their local populations food needs. This makes fresh much less available and creates profound long term community challenges. Not to mention the pollution required to get it there.

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