The Third Descent

In this post, I’ll take little different global perspective of the process of evolution; the three descents.

The first descent is what is typically called the soul. Awareness becomes aware of itself both globally and at every point. One of those points as-if descends into the 7 chakra structure at the heart. This is called things like the flame or space in the heart or the soul.  The effect of this is that we step into a time-line or apparent sequence of experiences through the mechanism of a series of physiologies or lifetimes. We are here for Self to experience itself more completely so we descend into the process of experience itself.

The second descent happens closer to the end of this section of experiential unfoldment. The kundalini rises to the top of the head and we connect with the divine again. The divine then descends into the physiology and we experience the apparent stages of enlightenment or higher states of consciousness. Head, heart, gut and root.

The third descent happens after our awareness crosses the final veil and come to oneness, beyond even the duality of awareness aware of itself or of creator and observer. Once in awareness, that field of Totality can descend into our layers of experience, much as in the second descent. But this descent is through a much larger “pipe” and has an all-absorbing quality rather than an awakening quality. As it is not at a level where anything moves or flows, it also doesn’t really “descend” although it is experienced as if. It’s more that the ultimate nature of everything is revealed. From the descent, it grows out to absorb all in Totality.

Like, totally.

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3 Responses to The Third Descent

  1. Share L says:

    I’d love to hear more about the difference between all absorbing quality rather than awakening quality.

    Also, I wonder why it’s experienced as a descent if it really isn’t moving…

  2. Davidya says:

    During the descent of the divine, we experience what seems to be stages of awakening. It en-lighten-s as it goes until the divine has descended into the world (in our experience). This can also have a sense of absorbing the experience in the light of divinity but the awakening quality is the most prominent aspect.

    With the 3rd descent, it is the sense of absorbing that is more dominant, seeing that all this is That. We become the container rather than the creation.

    The experience of descent is similar to the experience of stages of awakening. Consciousness is already awake but it unfolds in our awareness. So there seems to be a process but ultimately there isn’t. Its an apparent process of revealing.

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