10 Ways to Save the World

10 Ways to Save the World

I was reminded recently of guidance on saving the world.

If we really want to save the world, first we have to save ourselves. Until we heal our own wounds and find inner peace and happiness, what we mostly have to offer the world is our troubles.

When we find ourselves rooted in peace, then we can face the world as it is. Then we can give the world what it needs, just be being here. When we are peace, that is what we give.

This is not to say we should do nothing until then. But its important to understand that how we are makes the biggest difference in the world. Peace will come when enough of us are at peace.

Here are a few principles that come to mind.

1 – Meditate regularly, in a group whenever you can. Research has demonstrated that this improves the quality of life for everyone in the community. It’s also why the crime rate has been going down. Really – there’s almost 40 years of research & dozens of studies. They’ve ended wars with it.

2 – Learn to pay attention to how things feel. You have a feeling relationship with everything in your life. It’s good to be conscious of the effect it has and what you create by how you feel. Don’t resist how you feel but learn to let feelings go.

3 – Make sure you’re acting for things rather than against them. Pro-peace not anti-war. One cultures happiness, the other anger. If you spend too much time dwelling on what’s wrong, you’ll miss what’s right and you darken the world. Solutions, not problems.

4 – Be truthful, but tell the sweet truth; tell it nicely.

5 – Always act without intending harm, to anyone or anything (see above)

6 – Avoid culturing desires for things that will clutter your life or bring harm

7 – Be easy on yourself. We all make mistakes. Learn from them rather than suffer for them.

8 – Pay attention to when is enough. Enough food, enough exercise, enough work, enough money, enough TV & Internet. Life is happiest in moderation and balance.

9 – Let things go from your life that are not adding to it. Letting go is a great practice. Charity is a great cause. Especially let go of any conflicts in your life – it takes 2 to tango.

10 – Find something good to devote yourself to and give yourself to it. Follow your bliss.

11 – Love. Someone or God, but make sure you are giving love. It is the greatest gift.


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  1. Share L

    I LOVE this list. Not to be too gushy (-:

    I think #10 is the best one for me right now. Tho #11 is always good.

    What I’d add:

    12. Have a really good laugh at least once a day. Preferably at something about yourself. Or something you usually take seriously.

  2. Davidya

    Thanks, Share.
    And a great addition. We Canadians are good at self-deprecating humor but one must be careful it doesn’t get too biting. (see #5)

    But yes, laughter is fine medicine indeed.

    It brings to mind another – to sweat a little each day. Not too much, but enough to keep the body fresh.

  3. Davidya

    Which brings to mind “cleanliness is next to godliness”, but that drifts into the value of a good routine rather than ways to save the world.

    And yes, I know 11 is not 10. Consider the late addition a bonus.

  4. Davidya

    Or it should be #1, or thereabouts. But then, unless we’re able to do some of the previous, the cup won’t be full enough to give.

    13 – Be grateful – remind yourself each day what you have to be grateful for. The impact of culturing a positive relationship with your life should not be underestimated.

    Happiness, improved support of nature, easier to process challenges that arise, helps create the ground for letting go…

  5. Share L

    The Lucky Thirteen! Do you know 13 is actually a God number? As is 26.

    I love the gratitude one. Good addition.
    I like the sweaty one too (-:

    What’s that phrase: dance like there’s no one watching…

  6. Share L

    Ok, during morning group meditation I thought of another one, no doubt evoked by recent events in my own life:

    14. Offer to make amends for mistakes we’ve made that may have injured another. And if possible, make them.

    Yes, part of 12 steps and in my own experience offering to make amends actually quickens and deepens the healing process, for all parties involved.

    Plus it reflects Marshall Rosenberg’s NonViolent Communication very wise idea that tho we do not CAUSE the uncomfortable feelings of others, our words and actions can and do CONTRIBUTE to uncomfortable feelings, especially of those closest to us.

    A very useful distinction for anyone wanting to have deep and loving and authentic relationships even before they’re completely enlightened (-:

  7. Davidya

    No, but I have read some interesting stuff about 13. Around the time of Pythagoras, some considered math like magic. They found 13 to be a number of power. To save it for themselves, they popularized that 13 was unlucky. Or so the story goes.

    Life is a dance. Are you dancing, getting jostled, or sitting it out? 😉

    hmm – 14 is good, but we have to forgive first or the drive to make amends will be driven by guilt, need, etc. This relates to #7.

    How about:
    14 – Forgive ourselves our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. 😉
    14a – when we’re at peace, offer amends or a peace offering to smooth the waters.

    This comes back to the point that it’s what we’re offering inside that is more important that the act itself.

    Thanks for the point from NVC.

  8. Davidya

    Put another way – what we do is important. But what we’re doing it from is more so.

    What we give the world is not just in what we do but in the energy we radiate. And that comes from how we feel and who we experience ourselves as being.

    Peace comes from within, as does happiness and love. We only see this in the world when we find it in ourselves.

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