Virgin Birth

Virgin Birth

In The Moment of Grace, we talked of the profound surrender that takes place in the moment of awakening. Here, Adyashanti in Ch.10 of Falling into Grace, brings another look at the shift and how it has been described in history.

“You can find common themes throughout many of the worlds religions: Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, as well as those that existed long before modern religious history. One of the more common motifs that appears cross-culturally is that of the virgin birth.”

“These stories of virgin birth refer to the birth of that which is born without the coming together of opposites. Our human birth is the birth of opposites. It’s the coming together of male and female, and that produces a human being. Our humanness is a manifestation of the opposites, our heart beating, open and closing, our lungs breathing…”

“But this notion of the virgin birth addresses our ‘second’ birth, our birth after we were born. It’s the birth, in our consciousness, of a vision that’s not based in duality. These stories recognize that what we really are is in fact the source of opposites, of both male and female, both this and that. It’s the birth of a unified vision right into this world of time and space.”

“At the moment of awakening, it literally feels like we’re being born again, or like something completely new and unexpected has shown up in our consciousness. It literally is a virgin birth – a birth not of duality, but a birth of non-duality [within], a birth of that which is far beyond all dualities.”

A birth into who we really are…

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