The Evolution of Consciousness

The Evolution of Consciousness

Periodically, I mention the philosopher Peter Russell. Recently I ran into an article he wrote, on the nature and evolution of consciousness. It’s an excellent article to take you into the nature of consciousness. Interesting ideas on the importance of the development of language and self awareness. It is a little dominated by western thinking and waking state – self-aware but not aware of self. Given his background and that he wrote a book on TM, it’s also curious he describes a “pre-linguistic state of consciousness” as “not easy”. (ie: transcending or samadhi)  His definition of sat chit ananda is a little imprecise as well. Bliss is not peace and being is not consciousness even if they’re closely related.

But it is notable how he sees us in a transitional state. And that he sees the worlds problems as a crisis of consciousness.

“Our next step is to rise beyond the handicaps that came with the gift of language and discover who we really are.”

Worth the read.

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