Passing Contact

Passing Contact

A week ago, a long distance friend of mine named Dan died. While still a young man, he had a profound spiritual connection and was one of only a few I know who was as “In2Deep” discussion as I. I’ve posted a few things he wrote in Conversations with Dan.

For most people, after death they spend a few days winding down, then move onto a new “assignment”, either as a guide or worker of some sort or in a new incarnation. Their connections with the old disengage and fade. After awakening, this pathway shifts. In Dan’s case, he’s sticking around. His role remains to support the people he’s been with but it’s also begun to expand.

To understand what I’m talking about, it’s useful to know that there’s 2 primary ways of seeing the world: as laws of nature operating in a physical world. And as light beings building and running an energetic world. This is what some call the impersonal and personal or the head and heart perspectives. While the first keeps the world simple, it can still be useful sometimes to have a chat with the person managing the lilac in your back yard. Of course, the rules are just like anywhere else – not everyone is your friend, don’t believe everything you hear, not everyone wants to talk, and so on. Because this is energetic, feeling or intuition is the means and the yardstick for you.

From the personal perspective, we have what people tend to call guides or guardians or life helpers. Some are assigned. Some we can choose. What gives us the choice? Accessibility.

Assuming you are open to the experience, two things make someone accessible. The first is resonance – that we have a kind of affinity or past connection. Like when you meet someone and feel like you’ve always known them. Or you find a teacher you really “get”. The second is spiritual development. The deeper their embodiment, the stronger their presence and thus the easier to connect. This is why people suggest we pray to Christ or an avatar or similar. They are both more potent and more accessible.

If you have a desire to connect with someone, firstly you have to let go of some of the resistance to the experience. This is working on the feeling level, so if you don’t really believe it’s possible, that’s what you get. But neutral is fine. And don’t force or crap on the process – that just creates stinky energy no one wants to be around. Finally, know that not everyone is available. Would you be if someone from your past knocked?

All you have to do is be open and bring them to mind effortlessly. If you bring your attention to the heart, this may enhance your feeling value.

You may find contact through a feeling or a sense of presence. If you knew them well, perhaps a scent or favorite song or similar. Some people may get sensory input like pictures or sounds, depending on your dominant or most sensitive sense. All you have to do is think about them and stay open. Even if you can’t connect, you may get impressions of what they’re up to now.

This can seem very subtle or vague at first, until you get the hang of it. We’re used to relating to physical stuff we can hold and touch. We may feel impressions we get are like dreams but notice if they come with a knowingness or explain things. Or resolve stuff for you. When it gets very clear, it can be pretty much like they’re right here with you, engaging your senses.

Don’t worry if this doesn’t work for you or appeal to you. They help and will continue to help without you directly engaging them. Connect or not, they’re there for you. It’s their job.

By all means ask for help or support if you need it. They’ll help if they can. And they can help better if your intentions are clear and consistent and you are not seeking avoidance. Some things are your job, so don’t expect instant fixes. They have a supporting role just as we have with friends. But life can be easier if we have someone to walk with us for a time.

PS: I should note that my early experiences with this were not that positive because I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t use feeling to differentiate who I was talking to. Some are happy just to get attention without being helpful. Some will even make silly promises. And so on. Same thing as any group of people. Get to know the good guys. It becomes obvious pretty quickly.

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