From Vasistha’s Yoga (translated by Swami Venkatesananda)

IV:39  Valmiki is speaking:
“..if he is not enabled fully to understand the truth, his mind will not find rest. As long as the mind is swayed by thoughts of pleasure and happiness, so long it is unable to comprehend the truth. If the mind is pure, then it instantly comprehends the truth. Hence, it is declared that he who declares ‘All this is Brahman’ to one who is ignorant or half-awakened, goes to hell. Hence, a wise teacher should encourage his students first to be established in self-control and tranquility. Then the student should be properly examined before the knowledge of the truth is imparted to him.”

I suspect this is more directed at people who preach one truth and no process, but it’s a worthwhile point. It can also be noted that it was spoken in a different age, before Vyasa had to gather the primary vocal traditions and write them down lest they be lost in the dark cycle of time. It’s not like we have an enlightened sage easily available in every area. Yet. 😉

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