Why Intention Doesn’t Have to be Big

Why Intention Doesn’t Have to be Big

If you understand that intelligence is prestructured into everything we experience, there is an interesting aspect that is revealed.

If we can attune our lives to our purpose, our intentions don’t actually have to be very inclusive. In effect, what needs to happen is prestructured. All we have to do is start it. Intend it. Engage it. Then it will unfold quickly and easily.

This may sound like an argument for determinism but it’s actually not. Curiously this prestructuring is what we might call memory. Cosmic memory. We are that which is remembering by attuning our lives to the flow… of ourselves. We are remembering what we’ve chosen.

If on the other hand we decide we want something else, we will find ourselves failing and suffering as we’re trying to build something from scratch, without the inherent intelligence to back it up. Much more work. And also against the grain.

Now, if the desire comes through clearly, there’s a good chance the intelligence is already there. But sometimes, the time is not right. So it fails to launch. We simply have to be patient and see if we can find what is ready to go. Where our attention is best served right now.

Fighting what is will never be the best solution. Engaging the flow is far more fun and fulfilling. We get what our lives are for and we get what life has to offer. And we choose to choose what we have chosen.  😉


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  1. Davidya one more time your words of wisdom brought smile on my face. This one arrived just at the right time for me, to remember I already lived this life, no fuss and no rush, it all appears at the right time. Many blessing to you, I needed badly today to see a sign and God sent his message through your words. Thank u.

  2. Uzma

    you sau ..”If we can attune our lives to our purpose, our intentions don’t actually have to be very inclusive..”

    now this attuning our lives to our purpose has been driving me nuts…how to find the purpose…is it evolution, is it to learn, is it to find our true nature, our spefic traits and just be..

  3. Davidya

    Hi Uzma!
    OK. First thing to understand is that you are your purpose. You are not Uzma, rather your body, mind and soul are structured out of your reason for being. You can’t not be living in your purpose. All of your talents and primary motivations arise out of your purpose. The trick is in seeing this more clearly so we’re flowing with it, not fighting it.

    Purpose doesn’t mean job or marriage. Rather those are the pieces that may help us fulfill our purpose. Purpose is also not personal. It’s not about me. It’s about our role in the whole, what we contribute to the big picture.

    Spiritual awakening is part of the fulfillment of our purpose, as are mundane things like supporting our family.

    Purpose is so ever present, in front of our nose that it’s difficult to see. Sometimes others see it better than we do. But once we get the jist of it, we’ll see it as the ever-present thread in our lives. Under the karma and drama it is the thing common to all of our jobs and relationships, all of our roles with others. It is under how others see us and how the world responds to us. Under our apparent successes and failures. Behind our joys and sorrows. It is the very river of our life.

    Funnily enough, we can often name it with one word.

  4. Davidya

    That might be your word. It is certainly one of the keys to both seeing and being.

    What I meant was something like the climber, the photographer, the poet, the voice, the inventor, the messenger. But thats from the knowing side. An intuitive may use feeling words. Someones purpose may not be an overt thing like poet. It may be something inner that serves as a light for others. The seer, the lover, the touch, the monk.

  5. Davidya

    Note that purpose isn’t role. It’s not what you do for a time, then stop. Although someone could be the mother ongoing in various modes. Purpose is what continues, underlies life. Everything you do. It will likely have shown up in examples when you were a child. Interests, spontaneous doing, larger talents. But if the purpose is strong, it may then have been repressed. Children are to be seen and not heard. Don’t show off. Sit.

    Then it can take a little time to see under the story that tells us we can’t or shouldn’t. There are also some influences in life that may submerge the purpose until later in life. Other things need to be done first. But purpose is still there, in the flow of life itself. In the dreams. In the memories of youth.

  6. Davidya

    Well – I cheated – I was told mine by an eastern seer. Then it was obvious. But mainly I’d say observe. What did you love as a child? What do you love now? (although this second question is a bit muddied by underlying shoulds and musts) What is a common theme in your life? What has always worked for you?

    We often struggle with purpose because we’ve gotten negative messages in our upbringing. Girls don’t do that! Don’t be like that! etc.

    Just be patient. It will emerge.

    Oh – and you might find it useful to clarify the difference been purpose, mission, and vision

  7. Davidya

    (laughs) A decent Eastern Jotish astrologer could help.

    On that subject btw, I am reminded of something someone once told me. The reason purpose is not clear for some people is they have 2 threads. They have a purpose. But they also have a set of obligations that may not align with their purpose well. The chart is not synced that way. That annoying karma thing 😉

    So purpose may be fulfilled as another aspect than career: through service, family, writing, etc.

  8. Davidya

    This evening we did an exercise you might find useful.
    Essentially we opened the heart, then asked inside a question we most wanted the answer to. The answer should come quickly.

    Later, we did an exercise in a similar way but first in the head chakra for vision, then in the heart for feeling, then in the gut for needs.

    I’ll be writing about this more later but have a weekend of workshop to do first 😉

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