The Mirrors of Life

The Mirrors of Life

I’ve seen a few talks by Gregg Braden that I found tiresome. The way he uses science is way too sloppy. It was much the same last week while a group of us watched his DVD Walking between Worlds. (4.5 hrs) His description of how vibrations influence points on the DNA strand was drivel. Bruce Lipton is far more informative around cellular biology and it’s response to energy and emotions.

But when Gregg got into emotional dynamics, that’s where the rubber hit the road. Drawing from his study of the Essences, he spoke of how our relationships are a mirror of our own inner state and fears.

This is another way to talk about what I’ve called “karmic relationships

He describes Three Universal Fears

Your charge or activation of these fears, though often unconscious, is your promise that you will create patterns of relationships to show them to you. With few exceptions, our experiences of pain, suffering, illness, disease, and emotional trauma have their roots in these universal fears.

1. Abandonment and Separation
We feel left or abandoned by our creator without explanation or reason.

2. Self Worth
We are not “good enough”. Not worthy of our greatest dreams, highest aspirations, or deepest desires.

3. Surrender and Trust
We believe this world is not safe and we must live in suspicion of the processes of life.

I tend to take a deeper look, where there is one core undefined fear arising from separation from source. This then expresses as the shadow story in the form of issues of worth, trust, abandonment, and related. I would agree that all of us have these issues in some form.

Rather than seeing life as lessons, he suggests we look at our world as a mirror of ourselves.

He said our souls are genderless and when we come into a physical form, we have to choose between a male or a female and more or less abandon the other gender.  When a mirror is put before us in the form of the opposite sex, we are automatically attracted to what we have lost of ourselves.

That to me seems a bit of an exaggeration to make a point, but that’s the gist of it – that we are attracted to what we are missing. And there are some people who seek their “other half”.

Each mirror is sequential, building upon the realization of the one previous to it. Through them, you heal your Universal Fears. Each is also more subtle than the previous.

The 7 Essene Mirrors

1 – Mirror of who we are – what you are in the moment, now
2 – Mirror of judgment – what you judge in the moment
3 – What you have lost/ given / had taken – we seek in others
4 – Our most forgotten love and greatest fear – shown by compulsions and addictions.
5 – Our parents mirror our relationship with the divine – a potent one
6 – Our dark night of the soul – facing your worst fear
7 – Our perfection – heal memory & all fear

The first 2 I see as being reflected in all aspects of our experience of the world – not just relationships. 3 & 5 are directly about relationships.

“Events which you observe are determined by the concept you have of yourself. If you change your concept of yourself, the events ahead of you in time are altered, but, thus altered, they form again a deterministic sequence starting from the moment of this changed concept. You are a being with powers of intervention, which enable you, by a change of consciousness, to alter the course of observed events – in fact, change your future.”

When you find yourself reacting with a charge to something, there is a good possibility that you are experiencing a powerful opportunity to know yourself on a deep level. If you find your response is particularly strong, bless that moment.

Some details:
1&2 These can be subtle and automatic so completely unconscious. They also may not make sense as they’re driven by old fears.

Once we move past how we’re being and what we’re judging, those experiences of relationships will stop showing up. Then we can see what we’ve lost. (#3)

3 Losses are your compromises, exchanged for surviving your experience. When you desire to love and give of yourself you may find nothing is left. Calling back those pieces of you may be your highest expression of personal mastery.

You may catch the eye of someone and feel a magnetic spark of attraction or feeling of familiarity. Some can mistake this for love. This is a charge of our compliment, a match to our lost pieces or voids (what we have given up). If this happens, make contact and during the conversation ask yourself, “what do I see in this person that I have lost, given away, had taken away, or forgotten within myself?”

He suggests there’s a good possibility you have just found someone who has the potential to show you something of yourself that you have sought for years or possibly lifetimes.

4 The part of yourself that you have least remembered, the part that you hold most dear, is your forgotten love. Addictions provide you with the opportunity to experience your greatest fears as you drive away the things that you hold most dear.

5 If you are to list the positive and negative qualities of your caretakers (parents) as you remember them, they probably mirror your belief in how your creator views you. You can heal the relationship with your parents or with God.

We begin to see perfections in the perceived imperfections of life.

6 With few exceptions, nearly everyone will experience a “dark night of the soul” at some point in the course of their lives. This is an experience where you are drawn into a situation or circumstance representing what appears to you to be your worst fear. This awakens a dormant force that may become your most powerful ally. You find out how to negate the power that you have given to the fear.

7 Through the mirror of ourselves, we are asked to compassionately allow perfection in each expression of life, regardless of how the experience is viewed by others. The greatest act of compassion that you may ever be asked to demonstrate may well be compassion for yourself, in your choice of life conduct and expression.

By facing your fears with honesty, they are released. I have written similarly about forgiveness.

For more details on each Mirror, see Dani’s notes.

Gregg doesn’t touch on healing the fear of death or healing the fear from our original separation from God, held in the core identity. These I think are reflected in the 3rd and 1st “Universal Fears” above. Nonetheless, if this approach is a useful model for you to see what you have been resisting, it is well worth the effort to clear the decks.

I found a few of the points quite insightful.

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  1. Davidya

    Hi Uzma
    First step is to be willing to see them.
    Second step is to let them go, to allow them to be as they are, to forgive.

    It is not their presence, it is their hold on us that is the issue. Releasing that hold will cause some things to simply loose their charge and some things to dissolve. For example, we can’t change how our parents are, but we can change how we respond to them. And sometimes, that can change how they respond too. We can develop some long habits in close relationships.

    There are various techniques you can do that will help with allowing. I’ve spoken about culturing gratitude for example. Inquiry suggests you ask what is behind this fear or anger or whatever thats being seen.

    There are links to articles around these subjects under Key Posts link on the right. But a blog is not really a way to learn.

    It’s worth noting that this is a feeling journey. As soon as the mind is in there judging, the healing ends. This indicates, as Gregg observes above, that judgment needs some more healing first.

    For myself, I simply found that after culturing gratitude for a time, moments of deep allowing arose and I was able to use those moments to forgive all sorts of things. When some of the load was off, it all become much easier to see and release on demand.

  2. This blog is incredible. I’ve seen many spiritual blogs out there, and I sometimes feel like I’m on nearly every “spiritual” email list that exists. However your writing style is unique – it cuts to the core with it’s directness and compassion. Thank you for this wonderful contribution to the world. 🙂

  3. Davidya

    Mirror 3 I’ve been finding particularly interesting. When I meet someone and there is some sort of spark of recognition, a conversation can be unexpectedly useful. Not in content but in seeing the energetic connection there. If that’s not possible, bookmark the energetic connection and take a look later. I’ve found some sort of exchange – a release or restoration is there. A missing piece found.

    No need for a whole relationship to tidy things up. But if a friendship develops, it will no longer be charged by the imbalance.

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