Not Nada

Not Nada

Recently, in a discussion over on Takuin’s blog, I was reminded of an issue to be alert to on the journey. It is not uncommon to go through a nada phase, a place where much of what we once held true stands empty. Where the world has a sense of nothingness, an apparent illusion arising in the mind.

This can take the form of meaninglessness or the deeper form of no thing – no mind, no self, neti neti. We may be inclined to become reclusive, forgetting what once  brought us meaning.

It’s important to see this as part of a process. While it may certainly be true, it is not THE truth. There are some things with great value that arise much more deeply than illusion. It’s good not to discount everything just because it appears to originate in illusion.

Deeper than the nothingness of mind is the fullness of reality. The deeper origin, beyond illusion. The divinity that infuses everything. What we once reject will soon bring us back into wholeness again. We will again find value in community and discover there is no solo journey. We’re in this together.

The emptiness is found to be a fullness of such astonishing richness that we will be amazed this could possibly hidden, right in front of our nose.

We simply need to step out of the box of small seeing before we can look up.

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  1. This is the fullness of listening. I mean really listening, not just waiting for our turn to reply.

    You and I have probably used, in conversation, both nothingness and fullness to point in the same direction. Perhaps on Tuesday it is fullness, but on Wednesday it is emptiness.

    These things go on, and to a casual listener, if there is such a thing, this points to a contradiction. But the contradiction resides only in the mind of the person wanting to build a bigger, better image:

    Yes, fullness is the thing! Wait, what the hell is this emptiness nonsense? I am full, not empty!” and so on.

    It is that ‘reactive’ mind that cannot ask. Cannot listen. It only reacts through what it knows. It will not take a second to say, “I don’t seem to get this at all, but I will find out what these words are pointing to. It might point to nothing at all, but I will see it for myself.

    It can be difficult to live, having no words of one’s own; no words to describe, no images to cling to. But the alternative…I cannot even begin to imagine…

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