Solid, real Solid

Solid, real Solid

Solid may seem to be an odd word to describe anything “spiritual”. Spirit seems ephemeral, a cloud through which we may sometimes peak. Yet as we deepen into our fundamental reality, we discover some of it’s qualities. Infinite. Always present. Peaceful. Unchanging.

Deeper still, that unchanging quality is seen ever more reliable and present. We come to a place where we find it so permanent and changeless that it surpasses any perception. Much more real than the world.

This may first come when the world is seen as an illusion. What was solid becomes ephemeral, what was ephemeral becomes solid. But later, we find the world is none other than That. Even the ephemeral world is none other than solid. Indeed, it may feel more solid than granite.

The wind on your face, the rush of happiness, the soothing peace. All carry with them a quality of unchanging solidity. While the appearance and sensation may change, they are none other than the changeless. Solid beyond belief. (laughs)

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