Really Conscious

Really Conscious

I heard someone say today that they only believe what they can take in through their senses. I laughed at the absurdity of it. The physical experience is such a small part of what is. But believe would be the right word. We could say we see what we believe, thus we believe what we see. (laughs) The story is self-reinforcing.

I’ve spoken before about how our purpose here is to experience our life in our own unique way. A different perspective for Self to know Itself more deeply. But it’s not just about your experience. We’re not in this alone. In fact, we could say there’s a whole gang involved. Every aspect of your existence is being experienced.

The One is experiencing Itself through you in an astonishing variety of ways. Not just through our senses, thoughts, consciousness, sub-consciousness, and so forth. But in EVERYTHING that happens. Everything in the body, emotions, mind, soul, and environment.

Each blood platelet moving through your veins, each cell in your body, the wind in the trees outside, the movement of the speaker, the beat of your heart, the light in the room, that impression that flitted by but didn’t register consciously. Everything is happening in and of consciousness, ergo it is ALL conscious.

While not everything is individually conscious, it is ALL conscious in the One. Everything. And there are a surprising number of “individuals” at play. As I’ve mentioned before, everything that’s happening is being done.

Think about that for a moment. You are only able to put your attention on one thing at a time. Everything else is largely filtered out. Imagine experiencing everything happening. Experiencing all bodily functions. Consciously noticing every single thought and emotion. Noticing every nuance of awareness and perspective as it shifts and settles. Of course, we’d be saturated. But what about everything happening in the room? The electricity in the wall,  the processing in the computer, the appliances, the pipes, the insects. And what about all the bacteria? And what about outside. The plants and trees and what they are experiencing. (plants are conscious) The movement of the air and clouds. The traffic. The stuff in the ground. Whatever’s in the scope of your awareness.

Now, add in all the experiences of everyone else. Add in all of the experiences of everyone in all of time. And we’re still just in the “everyone” that you might be vaguely aware of. What about other resolutions of existence? What about the rest of the universe? What about the other universes? What about other creations?

Can you experience all of it, now? We might say this would give you a vague idea of Gods perspective.
That’s what being really conscious is. 😉

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  1. What has always made me wonder is even the experience of the bodies birth, not just from the baby coming out but from the perspective of the two different sections of life (dads sperm and the mothers egg) that they were both part of that body and then going even before that to the other two parents that conceived those parents and so on. That is even only a simple example of how much part of each other that we actually are and the experience of all of that is almost even too much for the mind to handle.

    So its not even that anyone can say “my” body persay because its not the fact that it was ever yours but more like a bi-product of universe, that everything was so beautiful and intricate that that body was manifested at that perfect moment in time because I made it so.

    I love the illustration of the blood platelets amd each cell travelling through the body, how perfect (for what the words worth) it does it. Cells die and live selflessly through the body, they die to give rise to new cells so that the body can maintain itself in harmony, not because it wants to or doesn’t want to but because that is just its nature.

    Also which brings me to this thought: that this is why the gurus and sages always talk on watching nature, that they will give you the glimpse of who you are through just actively watching them, not coming to any bias or expectation of them but just being receptive, how their natural state is within us as well, that just by seeing this can cause a personality to remember his True Being.


  2. Davidya

    Yes, the surface appearance seems to be separate but however we look at it, we find unity. Connection.

    And all those cells are being orchestrated by light beings, ensuring the intelligence of the process, the perfect moment as it is.

    When we look at the world of man we see many examples of separation. But when we look at nature, we see systems of interconnectedness. Tolle suggests just seeing it for what is and avoiding naming everything. Then we’re more open to the symphony.

    Blessing for you as well and thanks for the feedback and sharing your thoughts.

  3. Davidya

    You can also flip this the other way. The post was mostly about the macrocosmic. Imagine it the other way. Imagine everything happening in every cell is being done. Imagine your finger is a bustling city of life.

    Whichever way you look, finer or larger, life is there in a way far beyond what we can dream.

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