More God Realization

More God Realization

Understanding God Realization was largely a perspective piece. Where it fits into the scheme of things. But what of experience? How does it show up?

This is not something anyone can describe as it is unique to each person. The path to God Realization is one driven largely by the awakening divine heart and the refinement of perception.

Because perception and what we love varies by our history, it is a very personal journey. A journey into the depths of our Being. This is why we see so many religions and belief systems arise. They all began with someone’s direct experience.

If we look from the idea of paths, we’ll see the many ways people will come to a journey – through action and perception, the heart and the intellect.

Someone with a prominently heart centered path will experience things like deepening love and interconnection with all things, a surrendering into what is, and the flow of life through the world.

Someone with a stronger intellectual bent will see more of a process and stages, like I talk about here. An awakening to the principles and process of becoming. But eventually stepping into that same surrender.

Now, it’s important to be clear we’re not talking about belief here. We’re talking about self evident reality. Belief is a construct of the mind. It doesn’t matter if someone considers themselves a believer, an agnostic or an atheist. At some point, they will see what is. There will be a shift in consciousness that transcends their beliefs.

As I touched on in Open Mind, those beliefs can get in the way of experience for a time. This is the irony – even a believers beliefs in God can get in the way of experiencing God. God is a journey of surrender, not holding mental concepts and being right.

Another misunderstanding people often get is around being God. Some faiths consider it blasphemous to suggest ‘I am God’. But if God is the source, medium and goal of all things, what is not God? One cannot be separate from God but one can have an idea of or belief in being separate. That is the ego.

When someone says something like “I am God”, you have to look at context. Are they saying the me is God? I am personally God, Zod, Lord of all things? This is an ego delusion.

But if they are saying “I am God” from the recognition of our innate wholeness, this is a perception of reality. However, it’s important to understand this means someone is recognizing they are not apart from God. It does not mean we have the vision of God, although we may taste aspects of it. As I talked about in Really Conscious, God’s perspective is so much more vast than what one aspect of God can take in.

From a Christian perspective, we might say we are sons and daughters of God. I and my Father are One as all things are inclusive of God.

When you can stand, fully open to what is right now, reality will dawn and the truth of your being will unfold. It will not be about what you feel or believe nor the ideas you carry. It will be a journey into wholeness, more profound than the mind can imagine.

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  3. Judith Ann

    Several days ago I made a comment on one of your 2021 blogs. Your reply has proved to be a blessing. Since 4 am this morning I have been following the path of your ‘pingbacks’ and each one of them has spoken to the depths of my questioning. You have also deepened my understanding of Grace.
    With many layered heartfelt gratitude for the gift of your insights, blessings…….

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