Trusting Life

Trusting Life

It’s astonishing what arises when we begin to simply trust life to be OK. While you may not think you “mistrust” life in any real way, our culture encourages us to fight and struggle with routine tasks and challenges that arise each day.

If you find yourself commenting or even exclaiming about things that comes up or about what’s wrong, then you are not trusting what is.

That idiot driver. My lousy job. Crappy food. Problem friends. Most people have a litany and they speak it and reinforce it at every chance. They have no idea how powerful their thoughts and voice are. That they are reinforcing what they don’t want, making it increasingly real.

For example, I did not trust things would work out fine. Thus, I became anal about being “on time”.  I would leave early ‘in case’ and usually arrive early. But if something occasionally “went wrong”, I would focus on that, reinforcing the story that things don’t work out well.

As trust grew from seeing what is real, this need to be on time relaxed and I simply allowed what happened to unfold. I have an intention to be there at the prescribed time. But whatever happens is just fine. Sometimes I’m early, sometimes I’m slightly late. But whatever time I arrive, it turns out to be the right time. Sometimes, remarkably so.

The trick is, you can’t see what’s actually unfolding in front of you if you’re busy telling yourself and anyone else who will listen the story of how it went wrong.

Other people I know are perpetually late. This is usually because either:
a) they are vague about their intention to be timely as they find it stressful. Thus they have a resistance to being timely.
b) they are putting too much on their plate rather than prioritizing. Too many must do’s and no allowing it to be as it is. Do what’s in front of you, now. Let the rest of it be as it is.

Curiously, sometimes this is a pressure to make it perfect yet misses where we are already perfect. We’re confused about what or who should be perfect.

This letting go dramatically settles down all the daily tension from trying to “hold” a schedule. While you still monitor the appointments and take the appropriate actions, sometimes other priorities or delays arise and we simple deal with what is there, prioritize and move on.

It is what it is. No right or wrong, good or bad.

Same as it’s always been but now without the stress and expectation of it going wrong. And that makes all the difference.

It can take some practice to just let it be OK. To accept what is here and who you are. But it sure makes life a lot more fun when we don’t bury ourselves in “should’s”

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  1. Davidya

    Agreed. And perhaps not explicitly stated. But even for the awake, some time may be needed to let go of some conditioning.

    Awakening itself is also simple. Yet it can be difficult to be so simple. (laughs)

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