Ayurveda and Depression

Ayurveda and Depression

An interesting article on the origins of depression in low digestive fire and unprocessed emotions.

“From the ayurvedic perspective, emotional imbalance is caused by lack of coordination of an individual’s senses, emotions and thoughts.”

“The main cause of emotional imbalance is the lack of ability to process emotions in a timely fashion.”

“So a person with low Sadhaka Agni may suddenly remember a negative situation that happened ten years ago. She’ll think, “Why did this happen to me?” If the “why” has not yet been answered – in other words, if the stress is still lodged in her heart and mind – the memory will cause that person to experience the same trauma she felt ten years ago, and this will cause her to feel depressed. This delayed reaction happens because her Sadhaka Agni is low, and she has not been able to properly “cook” or process that experience.”

While the site is commercially oriented, recommending certain products, many of the tips are things like sleep schedule, walking outside, using a spice mixture, and so forth. For an oil massage, Vata types can just use quality sesame oil.

Note that the idea is to move towards balance, not get stressed over trying to change everything. Pick a few tips from the list that look easy and see if they help. Then add some more. When balance is restored, the emotions can be processed and cleared and the clouds will lift. Simple. Easy.

Beating the Blues: Ayurvedic Insights into Emotional Health

I go into Ayurveda with links to resources here.

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  1. rickroux

    I wanted to share an incredible source on Ayurveda, the ancient medical science of Natural Healing. This site has free educational content, videos, articles, and learning tools. I was amazed to see that this ayurvedic school has online videos of their classes for FREE! … to visit their website click on or copy:



    Rick Roux

  2. Davidya

    Hi Rick
    Thanks for the link. If the subject is new to you, the best place to start would be the “articles” section on the right side.

    You may also find the resources here useful for introduction:

    Then Ricks link has further resources like videos.

    It’s a different way of looking at the body-mind than western medicine. Ayurveda looks at the whole person rather than specific issues. It is thus much more effective for chronic issues like weight, sleep issues, body toxicity, and so forth.

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