The Leap

The Leap

Last weekend, I heard a short talk by Constance Kellough. Constance was once a management consultant with a private spiritual practice. She felt that inner restlessness, then realized she wanted a group practice or sangha. And that’s a key point – the recognition that the restlessness is an inner liveliness trying to get a message through. Once we get clear, we get the message and can act.

She mentioned her wish to an associate and they suggested a new fellow. And thus she met Eckhart Tolle. She then started a publishing house, Namaste, to print the Power of Now, uncertain if there was a market for 60 or 600. They did little advertising, focusing instead on keeping the intention pure. The rest is history.

She spoke of how powerfully things move with a clear, pure intention dedicated to service. But she also spoke of the apparent lulls, when we are “tested for purity” or “stand in the fire“. When we are purified or prepared enough for the next level, then it begins. She observed how in each ensuing action cycle, the sphere of influence expands.

After her talk, Rev. Wendy Yacboski gave a short prayer, mentioning that we don’t choose to be qualified, God qualifies the chosen.

I spoke with Constance briefly afterwards. We talked about how this cycle of rest and clearing can sometimes be longer and more pronounced. She observed how this can indicate a bigger Leap.

In 2007, Constance published her own book, The Leap. Similar in subject to the film Leap!, it is sub-titled, “Are You Ready to Live a New Reality?” She talks about the Leap into waking and has a whole section on practices, noting earlier that different ones suit different people.

The book is quite grounded, touching on subjects like war and terrorism and putting them in a spiritual context. I’m only about a third of the way in but am quite enjoying it. The book seems to be focused on Self realization but I note she does have a chapter on Divine Love.

Looking forward to the rest of it.

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