Surrendering Enlightenment

Surrendering Enlightenment

I’ve often spoken of the surrender or allowing of the spiritual journey. It shows up in many ways, at many stages.

There is the acceptance of ourselves and feelings while we clear our emotional dramas.

There is the moment of surrender that leads to the end of the ego idea. The death of individual me.

There is the surrender of the spiritual ego that may arise after the ego shrapnel that remains tries to regain control. In a way, this is the first surrender of the sense of being enlightened, of having reached something.

There is the surrender of held emotions that leads to the opening of the divine heart.

And there is the roasting of the identity that divides us, leading to the end of “inside” and “outside”. One surrenders everything, all one “knows” up until now. The ground is prepared for the realization of Unity. Our total Oneness.

But even this is just the beginning of the unfoldment of infinity. Totality is so vast that the completion of every cycle of deepening and opening requires yet another surrender. A surrender for it to begin, a surrender for it to complete. A surrender of whatever vastness and bliss and love and peace that may have moved in. A surrender of any sense of Enlightenment that may have been reached.

Enlightenment is a surrender that must itself be surrendered.

It is a gradual movement into perpetual surrender of Self flowing into Itself. That Thou Art.

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