Intention vs Allowing

Intention vs Allowing

Intention is directed awareness. We use it all the time. But are we forcing? Pushing something? Or resisting? Or is it simple focused attention?

Allowing can seem to be it’s opposite yet it is much the same. It can be a form of being OK, of surrender to what is. But it can also become a disengagement. A resistance to what is.

A spiritual unfolding tends to draw one or other out at different times. The intention of the seeker, the surrender of the me.

The key is balance.

Letting go of what does not serve, allowing what we really love to arise in awareness, giving love and surrender consistent attention, but not forcing or seeing apparent lack of progress as wrong.

Karma or action plays a role – sometimes it shows us resistance to be seen and released. Sometimes it presents hurdles to move through with consistent intention. Those apparent hurdles are resistance seen another way apparently outside of ourselves.

In the end, we find everything is intended as a surrender of Self to Itself, so they are the same process, simply seen 2 ways.

The heart is the fulcrum of being, the seed of surrender, the source of true intention. It is the heart from which we emerge and the heart into which we fall. There is nothing else.

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