Energy and Spirit

One of the more interesting developments in recent years is energy awareness. While energy awareness and healing has been practiced in various forms around the world for centuries, modalities are being drawn together and whole new international toolkits are developing.

Mixed in with this are a lot of people who don’t yet have deep energetic perception and are essentially experimenting on clients. “Energy” is becoming the new “quantum” and sometimes, in equally meaningless ways. In a recent article, Rose Rosetree mentions a client who had been to another  healer to remove a cord of attachment. Rather than remove the cord, the healer had actually masked it and numbed it down. This has the effect of not only keeping the energetic connection in place but making it less conscious for healing. Energetic bandaids are not a solution.

As a result of this, some teachers have been careful to “brand” their work to help differentiate it in the market. For clients seeking healing in a smorgasbord of offerings, it can be challenging to find quality. Branding and related certifications can help.

Rose Rosetree recently branded her healing style and toolkit as Rosetree Energy Spirituality. Her announcement explores other modalities like energy psychology and energy medicine and discusses how hers is different. This highlights why I’m reading several of her books at the moment.

For healing, we can work on the psychology, the emotions, or the physical symptoms. Or we can work on the energetics that underlie all of these. This is why she calls her toolkit “spirituality”. But to work on that level, you must have the skills to read it.

She notes “ENERGY SPIRITUALITY uses the spirit, or aura, itself as a primary point of entry for healing the mind-body-spirit system.” Now, the way I use “spirit” and “spirituality” is in reference to our formless foundations that are the source of all expression. She’s using it more as the energy bodies (auras) or koshas that arise from source. But I’ll agree it is far more foundational than much of what’s out there.

She trains our “energetic literacy” so healers have the skills to actually read and heal in a permanent way by resolving the underlying causal factors rather than treating what are in effect symptoms. It also creates a platform for a recognized qualification.

But also of note, some of her students are having spiritual awakenings. I’ve been using awakenings as a good marker of a decent spiritual teacher in the current time. But this is not the focus of her teaching. Rather it is an effect that speaks to how the practices touch the core. And this has required some consideration from my side on what it takes to awaken.

To explain, Rose and I have some common early spiritual history. We both became TM (Transcendental Meditation) teachers back in the ’70’s. TM is a westernized adaptation of teaching out of the Shankara tradition of India. As a result, it has strong renunciate underpinnings. While TM was developed primarily for householders, it emphasizes transcendence or samadhi, even in the name. This is a very powerful means of culturing the physiology for spiritual awakening and I highly recommend it.

But it does not address the sprouted seeds, the active energy dynamics we revive as we step back into activity. So while some TMers have awoken, many remain ripe and in need of a little energy healing and darshan*.

As Neelam put it recently,  “I realized in the search for Freedom the importance of addressing the unresolved and unexperienced past.

In Rose’s approach, while the students may have meditated, it was the energy purification and the culturing of refined perception that were triggering the awakening. As Rose observes, she now teaches a householders path. It does not emphasize transcendence but rather living well in the world. Put another way, it emphasizes sattva over atman; Shakti over Shiva.

Of course, a combination is ideal because, while effortless meditation will help roast the seeds and heal the physiology, the active energetic dynamics tend to continue to obscure the way. The first makes it deep, the second full. In my own path, it was a combination of meditation, healing, then darshan that did the trick.

Spirit or source is not somewhere else but is right here with us. In fact, it is all there is. We don’t have to go anywhere to get there, just recognize what is already here, who we already are.

*a living resonant example

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5 Responses to Energy and Spirit

  1. Wow, Davidya. This is such a respectful, insightful, and intelligent exploration of issues facing every consumer of energy healing, each yearning soul who cares about wise choices, everyone who feels committed to finding a personal path to Enlightenment that really works, etc.

    Thank you so much for this perspective, this respect.

  2. Davidya says:

    You’re welcome, Rose. Thanks for being a good example to illustrate the points. 😉

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