Isha movie launched

Isha movie launched

I talked a bit about the Isha movie here. (Please also see comments for further developments) The film was officially launched today with her first online video conference. She spent about an hour, first telling a story, then answering participant questions.

I made a few notes – some of it is paraphrased to get it typed.

To live without fear is easy, it’s a choice.
Love is a choice.
I surrender, and I trust, and I let go, and I say yes.

What is it you’re really addicted to? Being hard on yourself.
If I attach, let go. Don’t judge.

The greatest minds cannot see God, cannot see perfection. Perfection is beyond duality.

If I sit in judgment, I’m separating myself from love. I’m making it wrong.

Love is eternal. Only this moment is real, not some date.
If there is a leap in consciousness, everyone leaps.

Any problem, into the love. Until it becomes so big, it absorbs everything.

These expectations, they don’t come from society, they come from your head.
How does perfection look? Like you.

Love creates me in my perfection. Maybe there’s nothing wrong.

Don’t like it? Let it go.

The intellect is the servant of the love.

The thing you think of as your greatest problem is your greatest gift. An invitation. To see the love, to feel the love, to be the love.

There is no such thing as a victim. The human experience is not real. It’s just an experience.

I am responsible for my happiness, my peace in each moment. That is my responsibility. Be the best I can be. Life is what I give. That is my responsibility, to myself.

I am what I choose.

How long does it take? She took 11 months, always coming back to love. But now it’s faster. And getting faster.

The web site with trailer. Click Order here to watch it online or order a DVD.
(have not seen it yet)
The blog.

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