Highest First

Highest First

In a discussion over on You Are Truly Loved, Ariel was talking about teleportation and the nature of illusion. Marko emphasized putting Oneness first and how exotic experiences may be mistakenly substituted for deep peace. Everyone agreed but this is such an important point, I wanted to touch on it here.

There’s an old saying, “Flash is Trash“. Any value of experience is illusion and thus not the goal.

That said, we have to use the means we have to get there. We have to use illusion to come to reality. The whole character of Maya changes with the evolution of the perceiver, from a covering to a dream to a ladder.

People who have a lot of “good experiences” face an extra challenge. The impression may grow of advanced spiritual or transcendent knowledge, new abilities, and so on. Aside from the fact that remains of person may amplify a sense of specialness, some of this stuff also comes with a sense of ‘deeper reality’. But it too is just a deeper value of the dream. However deep the knowledge of the nature and structure of creation, it’s just a dream about a dream. All of it has to be released to complete Oneness.

It’s an interesting balance. We use the dream as a ladder but must drop the ladder. Some groups practice the siddhis (abilities) of Patanjali to clear the channels and exercise them, like those ‘yogic flyers’.

The trick is in keeping it as a tool and not getting caught in it. When the silence is established enough, such things will not catch the person – or at least not as much. They are seen as the play. Ironically, that is sometimes when the abilities arise, when any value we may have placed in them is lost. (laughs)

I’ve seen some pretty wild things but they sound implausible to describe. As they are also symptoms of deeper development, describing the effects also serves little purpose and can distract from the point.

I heard a talk once that in the future we’ll need personal flying machines for those who can’t fly themselves. (laughs) But if you could teleport, why fly except for the view? There are a number of ancient texts that describe flying machines, like the Vimanas, complete with specs and diagrams. And of the battles they fought. I understand there is some effort to translate them now. I’ve also heard of a number of technology advances that have not gotten funded. I imagine much advancement is possible with what we have right in front of us, when we are ready to see. When the group awareness opens enough to support a new vision. A vision founded on peace will open doors we would never have dreamed of.

I look forward to that day.

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  1. Ariel Bravy

    Yes yes yes yes yes. Oneness first. Totally.

    Everything must be taken from the perspective of Oneness. Teleportation, eating, sex, everything. Everything is an aspect of All That Is and needn’t be discarded, only let go of attachment to, specialness above something else, and expectation that it must happen.

    When food is your God or source of security, you get fat. When technology is your source of security, you wind up developing nukes and blowing yourself to kingdom come since you don’t have the consciousness underneath it to back it up. I believe this is similar to what happened with the lost city of Atlantis.

    It’s God first, always.

    I love what you said about getting the abilities after withdrawing value from them. That process of surrender seems to apply to virtually every aspect of life. 🙂

  2. Davidya

    Hi Ariel
    Thanks for holding the place open for discussion.
    The falling away of attachment is what allows oneness to begin to blossom. Before that it is mostly just an idea. We may try to hold such a perspective in mind, but that too must be released.

    As for Atlantis, I’ve talked about the cycles of time here, and a little on your post.

    Yes, doing is the path in the world, allowing or surrender in the path of spirit.

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