Nothing Personal

Nothing Personal

One of the more curious illusions that most people suffer from, literally, is the idea that it’s personal. That anything, or rather everything that happens is about me. Or deserves to be treated on the basis of how it affects me.

Nothing is personal. Even the idea that there is a personal is illusion. Thus the source of all suffering is a ‘mistake’ in perception. It’s one of the cosmic jokes, although it’s only funny when you see it. We can only step out of this idea when we see who is seeing, when we discover who we really are. Then we will act from the whole, for the many.

I was reminded of this today by Buckminster Fuller. In the ’70’s I was working on a paper on the geometry of consciousness and discovered his tome Synergetics, subtitled “Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking“. He was using the same kind of models to describe the underling geometry of “Universe”. More recently I discovered that Nassim Haramein had also come to the same models at around the same time and place. A ski resort where he was living in a van, me in a storeroom.

Synergetics also describes an alternative math that does away with things like imaginary and irrational numbers but it has not yet ‘caught on’. Nassim’s describes a proposed Unified Field Theory. Mine, the underlying structure of all expression. It’s all the same thing.

In his book Critical Path, Bucky described the western movement of the dominant culture, beginning in the waters of the South Pacific and continuing west into America. Jared Diamond talks about a similar movement in Guns, Germs and Steel – but not as far back. (the documentary) Bucky also describes his ‘awakening’ during a personal crisis in 1927. (complete with angel) He changed from dressing like a ’60’s hippy (in the ’20’s) to like a bank clerk and dedicated himself to integrity and to the advantage of the many over advantage of the self.  His “technique” was to evolve the environment, thus evolving the people in it. He called it a Design Science revolution. You may know him best for the geodesic dome – the least material required to enclose the most space. It was only one of a vast range of remarkable patents.

The reminder of all this came in the form of Youtube. Bucky spoke at a symposium in 1971 on the early science behind meditation and consciousness. At a press conference that followed, Bucky touched on the above points, emphasizing the importance of the many over self.

What was particularly interesting is that he had originally written off meditation due to its focus on self. This was how it was being presented and practiced. At the press conference, he said the real news was the restoration of understanding about meditation, that it was for the many. (the societal effect of large groups of meditators had not yet been studied)  How important this revived understanding was for the world. Peace of the self leads to peace of the many.

Bucky also spoke to and about Maharishi Mahesh Yogi at the talk. Maharishi referred to Fuller as having “integrated vision”, one way he used to describe someone in Cosmic Consciousness or first awakening. He went on to joke about “the vision of Fuller life”. “An individual integrated, dedicated to construction…of the human soul for it’s integrity.”

Bucky responded, “There is no American nation. We have world man here.” (see Critical Path comments above), “America has been handed a forward pass by all of humanity”. Maharishi agrees, “It’s the cognition of reality”.

The press conference, Part 1 of 3:

When you begin to be the whole, you begin to see from the whole. This is the end of anything being personal.

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  3. Jean

    Today I was sitting in our canteen and I overheard some conversations on the neighbor tables. Everyone had their personal opinion about something.
    I realized I hadn’t thought about formulating an opinion about something in quite some time.
    Without a fixed center it is difficult to even think about something like an opinion. Pretty funny actually 🙂

    1. Hi Jean
      Yes, it’s very nice to see the need for stories about everything has fallen away. It’s so much simpler. 🙂

      I find now that I still have positions on a few things. Everyone should be treated with respect, for example. But these are more working principles than personal opinions.

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