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In The Dawning Age, I touched on various time models and how they point to our current time. While there was some general alignment, it is certainly rough. Part of this is because the models are different.

However, after listening to an unusual interview, I realized that I was thinking about this incorrectly. I was trying to apply a linear time model to something that’s not linear. As the interviewee observes, our cultural habits run deep.

Amongst a gamut of things, Chris LaDue touches on how the Mayan calendar is not about linear time but rather a more circular, feminine process. This reminds me of Nassim Haramein when he describes a particle wave. It’s actually a spiral – we’re just applying a 2D model to it to see a wave. It’s more like a spiral telephone cord.

A related example is how we were all taught about how the earth circles in an orbit around the sun. But the sun is moving at high speed through space. So we’re actually spiraling through space at a much higher speed than we’re orbiting.

The interview with Chris LaDue is wide ranging and just touches on a huge range of subjects. But unlike many big thinkers, he is very practical. He has been bringing applications of his perceptions and understanding of the underlying mechanics of the world into the market. In fact, you’ve likely already used his technology.


He describes energy as 3 dimensional and alive, with personality. By tapping into that, we can produce natural technology that uses far less power to accomplish far more. Very cool.

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4 Responses to Just Now

  1. Mike says:

    Thank you for posting and for the link to this amazing interview.

  2. Davidya says:

    You’re welcome, Mike. It’s amazing on so many levels. A pretty interesting guy, getting shocked to communicate with the electricity. 😉

  3. Very interesting–thanks for the links–I’ll have to watch a few times to absorb.

  4. Davidya says:

    Yes, Kaushik. He covers a lot of ground

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