Fly Lightly, Dive Deep

Fly Lightly, Dive Deep

Over on Takuin’s blog, Eric mentioned a nice quote: “angels can fly because they take themselves so lightly“.

This raises an interesting point about when we try and conceive of other realities. Land based creatures develop a kind of flat-land thinking with concepts like sit and fall. As Graham Hawkes reviews in this short TED talk, 94% of life on “Earth” lives in the ocean, a kind of inner atmosphere. They float and fly in a much more 3D space than we’re used to.

To an angel, they don’t “fly” as there is no “ground”.  They don’t have wings unless we ‘dress them’ or expect them that way. Humans tend to embellish their subtle perceptions so they can better relate to them. Until we can just let them be as they are – as with everything else – we will see such things more as we are than they are.

Angels or devas live in a more subtle space. Not another dimension, just a higher resolution of the same space we’re in. Putting stuff in other dimensions comes from ideas of “other”. When it’s seen as a whole, other collapses. It’s only here and now. As in the ocean, subtle life can move through space at will. They don’t have boundaries like gravity or solid or can’t. Those comes from having a physical experience which they’re not.

Free will becomes less meaningful when you’re closer to source. Contrary to the cream cheese ads, personal self is less expressed, so they work in service to the whole. This is always their context, should you think of asking for help. They help you as an aspect of the whole, never as a person. However, as there is an entity, self or some separation remains. This is the lesson of Satan – put self before the one and you ‘fall’ into suffering.

But light beings lack something we have – the ability to experience contrast and choice clearly enough to see the illusion and step out of it.

As the former Shankaracharya of Jotir Math, Swami Brahmananda Saraswati once said “Because you’re human, God has given you power to think and decide what is good and bad. Therefore, you can do the best possible kind of action. You should never consider yourself weak or a fallen creature. Whatever may have happened up to now may be because you didn’t know. But now be careful. After gaining a human body, if you don’t reach God, then you have sold a diamond at the price of spinach.


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